Talk About Sex – 110: The XD (Sexual) Experience

I don’t remember the last time I was intimate with someone. Poor XD! He thought he was coming to kiki with a perv, but once he saw I had did my research, he soon realized he was dealing with a professional sex master. On this episode of Talk About Sex, we talk life, love and […]

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Talk About Sex – 109: Be Memorable

  “People tell you to be yourself, but then when you go out they also tell you how…” “…not to be yourself.” What I love about this episode is how much what is not said is just as important as what is said (if not more): Will McNair sits down to talk about sex on […]

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Spotlight: Eliad Cohen/Papa Party

I consider myself an early adopter of hot men of color. I was stanning for John Cho before his sex symbol profile blew up. I still remember Jay Hernandez’s early days on Undressed. Glad everyone finally got on the Michael B. Jordan bandwagon. But Eliad Cohen I didn’t see coming. One day, after months of […]

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Quotes of the Week: Always Bet on Black

I barebacked before it was cool. Mason Wyler (who isn’t wrong!) White boys fun cuz all them swallow. Speaking of…(Fallen) At a trampoline park with the kids. Should’ve done more kegels. I heart Amy Brenneman What if I look back on my twenties and regret not getting stabbed by a jealous boyfriend at a ratchet […]

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Talk About Sex – 108: The State of Black Gay Media

In this episode of Talk About Sex, three black gay men debate the politics of representation and the future of diversity in media. Editorial note: I apologize if you have any audio issues. And there was copious amounts of wine, so there’s that. Show notes & links: The Real Homophobes of ATL top three favorite […]

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From the Bottom to the Top: A Conversation with T. Malone

Because I used to work in the industry, I don’t use the term “porn star” lightly. It’s work. Hard work. And the kids confuse someone who has sex on screen with someone who takes pride in their work on screen and off. T. Malone is a porn star. Arguably the most accomplished bottom in Blatino […]

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Quotes of the Week – Love in a Hopeless Place

I’m verse. ::hysterical laughter:: I’m verse! Gay Tops & Bottoms (AconnectionTV) My boy had a girlfriend just like this who couldn’t take dick. Now he’s fuckin a MAN that can. commenter Winston08 – girlfriend can’t handle deep black dick (NSFW) Brazen Hussy. commenter BlueberriesForMe – This is the Canada’s Bobsledding Team (JoeMyGod) All that money […]

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Inspired: The Rule of Engagement 2014

When I think about the highlights of last year, they all involve connecting with people who inspire me. I’m really big on energy these days and decided to make it the centerpiece of my rules of engagement for 2014. Each month I’m required to actively seek out a unique experience, preferably something new. I tend […]

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Talk About Sex – 106: A Gay Benetton Ad

Benetton Unhate campaign Karsh is BACK! In this episode we talk about goals for the new year, gay representation and the politics of porn. Show notes & links: update on Q1 boyfriend goals Is Discrimination on Grindr Killing Gay Sex? He didn’t like the article CA Podcast #8 – Sex & Dating Roundtable Discussion Atlanta: […]

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Talk About Sex – 105: Superbowl Realness

In this episode, it’s NYC vs. ATL as I talk with Karsh, the black gay blogger himself. We reflect on love, lust and liberty in our respective cities. Originally recorded in August 2013. Show notes & links: the state of NYC gay nightlife Splash closing Will Sofrito gay dating racism Strange Days (one of my favorite movies) […]

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