Quotes of the Week: Caviar Ratchet

“I’d fuck him but he couldn’t spend the night.” commenter Jai (the man with the plan) Lucas Entertainment Hires Hung Argentinian Model Who Apparently Killed His Father and Brother (The Sword) I don’t know, I guess they should be more down to fuck since their holes were made for pounding. omg what?! (Gary shenanigans) Fixing […]

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Quotes of the Week: All In

photo via dopegirlfresh (drunk and confused) Wait so you know a Yolo and a Bolo? Yes, lol. CORINNE BAILEY RAE HAS HAD IT WITH YOU HUCK OKAY still giggling (Scandal humor) Brooklyn is over. Done. Finished. Brooklyn as brand has overtaken Brooklyn as place, turning itself over fully to the project that was always its […]

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It’s Cool

Hope that’s cool Cause I’m really not trying to Impose but I suppose that I’m supposed to be here With you With eyes as sad as mine I think you’ll find You need me just like I need you, yeah But it’s cool We ain’t gotta be nothing It’s true I’d actually prefer it, yeah […]

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Revolution Deferred: On Loving Other Black Men

“As long as we reject ourselves, as long as we continue to harm our own body and mind, there is no point in talking about loving and accepting others.” Thich Nhat Hanh – Teachings on Love I wasn’t expecting to see anyone who looked like me at the orientation of my master’s program. But there […]

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The Best of The Black Sex Master

When I launched this blog five years ago, I didn’t have any specific goals in mind. I just wanted to claim my part of the interwebs and experiment. It’s been an interesting ride to say the least, lol. As I near my 200th post, I wanted to reflect on my favorite pieces. I’m unsure what […]

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Love in Black and White

The funniest part of that night: he brought me Hennessy. Hennessy! Everyone who knows me knows I don’t drink brown liquor. Besides, we had a conversation about my love for tequila days prior. I didn’t really understand. But stereotypes are powerful like that. An orchid kind of love this was not; but it’s the closest […]

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The Dating Game

He’s Just Not that Into You (Best Date I’ve Ever Been On) We talked online on and off for months. It wasn’t until I randomly realized he lived near me that I asked him out on a date. We set a day, but two night earlier I got a random text asking if I wanted […]

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Talk About Sex – 110: The XD (Sexual) Experience

I don’t remember the last time I was intimate with someone. Poor XD! He thought he was coming to kiki with a perv, but once he saw I had did my research, he soon realized he was dealing with a professional sex master. On this episode of Talk About Sex, we talk life, love and […]

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Talk About Sex – 109: Be Memorable

  “People tell you to be yourself, but then when you go out they also tell you how…” “…not to be yourself.” What I love about this episode is how much what is not said is just as important as what is said (if not more): Will McNair sits down to talk about sex on […]

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Spotlight: Eliad Cohen/Papa Party

I consider myself an early adopter of hot men of color. I was stanning for John Cho before his sex symbol profile blew up. I still remember Jay Hernandez’s early days on Undressed. Glad everyone finally got on the Michael B. Jordan bandwagon. But Eliad Cohen I didn’t see coming. One day, after months of […]

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