Best of Youtube Grinding

(womp womp)

Can someone throw me a frickin bone here?!

I swear if I were trying to use this blog as a forum to dispel sexual stereotypes, especially about black men, I have my work cut out for me.Not only does mass media perpetuate these stereotypes, we aren’t helping our oversexed image either.

Case in point: Grinding videos on Youtube. OMG, there are so many of them! Seriously, it was fun for the first ~30 of them, but after that it just got depressing. After a while, I couldn’t help but think, “some of these kids need to read a damn book.”

I’m destined to become the gay Bill Cosby!

Let me clear, I’m not judging these guys, I don’t know them. In fact, I dance like a slut too. But I have a masters degree (so I can do that).

Is it just me or are most of the videos of black men on Youtube sexual in nature?

People often call me a cynic, so rather than see the glass half empty, let’s champion these superstars of the pelvic thrust/hip roll! Presenting, the Top 10 Grinding Videos on Youtube:

10. Chriscoe34
I have to give this redbone props for using Keith Sweat (Nobody) opposed to the contrived Chris Brown. I love it that he gives us some backside action too.

9. BLINGyoyo
Man that looked like a workout! I love his modified butterfly towards the end.

8. twoea2y22
Skinny white boy with the belly roll FTW!

7. 23xPinoy
Maybe it’s because I just moved from the Bay area, but these flips could get it. I’m SOOO mad the one in the red cap licked his hand and did the fingering motion!

6. poetknight226
Pop and Lock gone terribly wrong!

5. saied415
This isn’t a grinding video. I’m just SOOOOO mad he decided to dry hump his girlfriend/wife and put it on the internet for all to see.

4. jockindrawz
Oh my. When the pants came off I clutched the pearls.

3. cybic2k
We love RDA! The D in the group, Deon made a spoof after the Spectacular incident and I think it’s one of the best ones.

2. fcypher3
These tandem/group ones are so interesting. Love the choreography here.

1. BeYoOwnBoss
If you haven’t seen this animated parody from Be Your Own Boss entertainment, you’re missing out. My favorite part is the Trey Songz reaction. Brilliant!

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