Dangerously In Love With Food

I knew there was something that was bothering me about the death of author E. Lynn Harris!

When the whole SkipGate fiasco happened, several people said if a Harvard PhD can get racially profiled, the “average” black man doesn’t stand a chance.

Well I’m going to argue, if a black man who has the financial means to eat the way he should dies of heart disease, (screw the cops) we’re already doomed.

Let’s look at some other well known black men who have died (fairly young) due to heart related issues:

Singer Luther Vandross (age 54) – “never really recovered from a stroke…”

Singer Gerald Levert (age 40) – apparent heart attack

San Francisco 49er offensive guard Thomas Herrion (age 23!) – sudden cardiac death

Isaac Hayes (age 65) – recurrence of stroke

I could go on, especially if I include male celebrities of other race/ethnicities. For example:

Big Pun (age 28!) – fatal heart attack

And most recently, filmmaker John Hughes (age 59) – heart attack

I can’t talk myself. I was so horrified when I originally saw Super Size Me (which you can see in its entirety here), but I have yet to meet a McNugget I haven’t liked. And as I’ve mentioned before, eating right is expensive.

Between poverty (read: inner city violence), HIV/AIDS, and health related issues (especially heart related) we’ve got our work cut out for us. Sucks being at the bottom of the food chain (no pun intended).

Depressing I know. But this made me smile. Here’s Britney Houston with Dangerous In Love with Food:

Also check out this great post at Panache Report and my friend Betsy’s new blog about fitness and nutrition.

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