White Men Have Sex with Horses Too

When was the last time a white man having sex with an animal made national news?

Can’t think of anything? Me neither.

One reason why sexual stereotypes continue to exist is because we are constantly bombarded with the same archetypes in the media we consume (e.g. magazines, porn, television, movies, etc.). The stereotype of black men being deviant and oversexed is arguably the stereotype most pervasive in American media.

So I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when the story of a black man in South Carolina having sex with a horse was EVERYWHERE last week. It even made the Huffington Post.

There’s so much in that video I could write my whole thesis on it.

Should Rodell Vereen be put on blast? Of course. Is the fact this is the second time he was caught with said horse possibly why it got so much traction? Sure.

This only bothers me because (a) anyone who spends as much time on the internet as I do knows almost all the popular sexual viral videos involving animals/inanimate objects don’t involve black men. Case in point:

2 Guys 1 Horse (NSFW)
One Guy One Cup (NSFW)

and more importantly (b) most of the coverage I see fails to mention/glosses over the fact that Vereen has mental problems and may not have been taking his medication. Minor detail!

So for anyone who might be unaware, I just want you to know, black guys aren’t the only ones who have sex with horses.

::End of public service announcement::

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