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Hey everyone. Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend. I’m here, I just decided to take a week off to reflect on how this blogging thing is going and next steps.

It’s really interesting, this blog is like a living entity…almost like a baby. You have to check on it, feed it (with content) and when you neglect it, people don’t hesitate to tell you. Also, as it grows up you have to decided what you want it to achieve.

If you haven’t noticed, I don’t chase the news (LGBT or otherwise). Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Besides not really being into politics, I’m a much better editor than I am reporter. Besides, there are people who are much better at it than I would ever be. Be sure to check them out for all the latest LGBT related news.

I will continue to focus on analysis: the “what does it all mean?” perspective. Also more sexuality research will be introduced, as bridging the world of academia and popular media was a major goal when starting this blog.

I have some really great things planned. We’re going to start doing theme weeks including a series on spending the summer with my niece. What’s a semi-personal blog without any personal entries? lol

If you enjoy the blog please come visit often (sign up for the RSS feeds!) and tell others about the site. You can also follow me on twitter, which is a good place to hear all the rambling in my head that don’t make it to the site.

The best is yet to come. 🙂


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