Quotes of the Week: Special Morehouse Edition

Story time!

I graduated high school in the Top 10 of my class. Not an easy feat considering this was when my parent’s divorce was coming to a head. I spent my freshman year at Penn State, then ranked a top 20 university (nationally). After that first year, I could no longer go (for various reasons) and my mother encouraged me to attend a HBCU (Historically Black College/University) to finish my undergraduate degree. I gave her the side eye.

“Mother, I busted my ass in high school to be the best of the best, not the best of the blacks.”

As a budding gay trying to find myself, that was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.

So when Frank Leon Roberts broke the news of Morehouse’s new dress code (that’s who I heard it from anyway), I can’t say I was surprised. The homophobic nonsense at Morehouse has been front and center lately.

If anything, the new dress code has ignited a fierce debate on the interwebs. Let’s check out the best Morehouse quotes of the week:

So here’s the thing though. You might as well have kept that long extensive list to yourself and did this instead:
*Clears throat* *taps mic*
“No gays or thugs allowed. Thank you. Management.”
*drops mic*
Luvvie – Dear Morehouse

Is it fair for a straight male to come to an institution where he is forced to live in an environment that makes him feel uncomfortable? Because I’m quite sure that if he wanted to be surrounded by females, he would not have gone to an all-male institution.
Gerren Gaynor – Is Gay The Way?

Put simply, there is a lot of energy expended by homosexuals to accommodate the comfortability of the heterosexual majority – more energy than is reciprocated by heterosexuals on behalf of homosexuals’ comfort, I would add.
Michael J. Brewer – I Too Sing Morehouse (via loldarian)

A manchild in a pair of skinny jeans and pumps is not responsible for getting pummelled by a homophobic jerk. The assailant is and while we should best prepare the likely targets of hatred, it is more important that we work to dismantle the attitudes that create the hate in the first place.
Sister Toldja – Be Real Straight For Me, Part I

We have a legacy that we are trying to uphold.
Morehouse senior Cameron Titus (who “applauds the change”)

The student is expected to conduct himself at all times, both on and off the campus, as a gentleman and a responsible citizen.
Wabash College: another private all male college with a much simpler student code

So at Morehouse you can shoot a fellow student three times and stay in school, but rockin some 6-inch Louboutins will get u suspended? WTF?
Patrik-Ian Polk via Twitter

So yeah, I’m with Patrik-Ian. Young black gay men should stay away from Morehouse. They’ve made it very clear what their priorities are and it ain’t us.

Also check out this podcast series from Karsh, (the black gay blogger) for more Morehouse horror stories.

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