Quotes of the Week – Ending 12.20.09

(screaming and crying)
I’m no one’s cum receptacle!!

LOL. My cousin told me gay marriage is not right! I told her neither is having four kids out of wedlock but I don’t judge.
Devious Aga via Twitter

You still didn’t tell me what you like in bed.
If I tell you what I like, is that going to help you get me a boyfriend?
Well it might not get you a boyfriend, but it might get you fucked.

What is he? I can’t tell.
Look at his ass.

(out of NOWHERE)
::whispering:: Aren’t you glad you’re away from those hateful lesbians?

…and I don’t know how many of you have ever dated Gemini men, but Gemini men are the best at really being aggressive….
Xem VanAdams: If He’s Gonna Climb My Back
(sexual stereotyping by Zodiac sign? I LOVE IT!)

(my emphasis)
When calling someone else out, we’re in essence calling ourselves out too. For the shit that we’ve done…for the shit that we’ve allowed…for the shit that’s we’ve attracted. We’re also admitting and confessing our own irresponsibility.
Trent Jackson: In the Mix With Trent Season 8, Show 21

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