Quotes of the Week – Special Joss Stone Edition

So many high profile artists are releasing albums this fourth quarter, I thought we’d take a minute to focus on one you may have missed.

Joss Stone, the 22 year-old English R&B soul singer really doesn’t get the respect and recognition she deserves (maybe because she’s white?). She remains one of the most consistent women in the game. After much infighting with her label, she finally released her fourth studio album Colour Me Free, here in the US on October 20th.

What I love about Joss is on every album she has what I like to call a “fuck you” song. You know, the ones scorned lovers like to dedicate to partners that did them wrong. This album is no different.

Could Have Been You (my favorite track) and Girlfriend on Demand are some of the highlights of the new album. Listen to the lyrics and start your week feeling refreshed and purged of the dead weight in your life. I’ve also included two of my other favorite Joss Stone songs. You can buy Colour Me Free now on iTunes.

You could have been my first, my last, forever
You held it in your hands, my heart, my treasure
The proof is in the memories
So sad to know that’s all that’s left for you is
What could have been…

Could Have Been You – Joss Stone

Girlfriend On Demand – Joss Stone

Bruised But Not Broken – Joss Stone

Dirty Man – Joss Stone

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