Quotes of the Week – Ending 1.24.10

OH NO, I’m not going out with y’all.
But I have coke!

I swear Christina sings BLACK and that’s a good thing…I loooooove her!!!!
Commenter VANESTINA on Spotlight (new Christina Aguilera track)

I want to see a male hip-hop artist say they are bi for fun and see what happens.
Clay Cane – This Gal is NOT Bisexual

Why are there never any older women at gay clubs?
Because lesbians mate for life!

And given MLK’s waning popularity, I am beginning to ponder now if MLK would have really raised his voice on our behalf.
Rev. Irene Monroe – Would the public [Dr. Martin Luther] King have spoken out on LGBTQ justice?

My life is filled with strippers and boys who don’t know how to handle me. It makes for good tweets but not much else.

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