Quotes of the Week – Ending 1.31.10

Where you live at?
Ain’t no black people live in midtown!

I’d love to smell her textbooks.
I bet her restraining order smells better!
The commenters getting frisky over at Engadget

Today my colleagues introduced a new faculty member from China named Wu Tang. No one else found that funny. I hate being the only black guy.
Marc Lamont Hill via Twitter

(tipping a go go dancer gone terribly wrong)
Haha. I love how I put my coat check ticket in the go go’s foreskin by accident.
DaviesGravey via Twitter

Twitter is on its way to turning into the craigslist personal ads section.
Trent Jackson via Twitter

(talking about dating/sexing 18 year olds)
YES! Young asses and virginal throats, ready for the takedown!

Some of y’all on here talking about the best sex songs know good and well that all you need is an interlude.
The Bad Guy via Twitter

I can’t keep doing these blue ball events without something breaking soon
and it won’t be me.
It will be someone’s ASSHOLE, mmmmmmmm yeah!

Politics, religion, racial issues and Beyonce are subjects people will never agree on.
Mello Dyme via Twitter

Changing oppression requires disruptive knowledge, not simply more knowledge.
Kevin Kumashiro (via Erik Martinez)

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