Christina Aguilera Should Have Done the Michael Jackson Grammy Tribute

Did you all see the nonsense that was the 2010 Grammy Awards 3D tribute to Michael Jackson? Need I remind you how many people complained about the lackluster BET Awards tribute. You would think “music’s biggest night” would bring out the big guns…you’d be wrong.

How do you get great talent like Celine Dion, Jennifer Hudson, Smokey Robinson, Carrie Underwood and Usher together and still end up with the crap they aired?
With his exhaustive catalog of hits, why would anyone choose the lackluster Earth Song? Clearly the whole 3D thing was propaganda to buy the DVD for This Is It (which conveniently went on sale last week). And everyone I know who went and got the glasses from Target said they didn’t even work!

grammy fail 2.jpg

The (sad) fact is, when you want to honor a black musical icon (dead or alive) and do it right, you call Christina Aguilera. I present to you:

Exhibit A
BET Awards 2001
Here is Christina singing the Whitney Houston classic Run To You long before it became fashionable to put non-black people on BET!

Exhibit B
Grammy Awards 2007
Few young artists can match the swagger James Brown possessed. I think Christina did a wonderful job of paying homage to Brown, while still putting her own stamp on his classic It’s A Man’s World.

Exhibit C
Stripped Tour
Poor Etta James is in the hospital because she knew Beyonce would win a Grammy for crucifying her classic At Last. The only reason Beyonce got the role in Caddilac Records is because she’s black! Christina was singing At Last long before Bey and her remake was even endorsed by Etta herself.

Hopefully we don’t lose any more black musical legends in 2010. And if we do, I hope they make the right call this time.

Update: As if you weren’t already convinced, several readers pointed out that I forgot her cover of Nina Simone’s I Love You Porgy. Thanks Everyone!

Exhibit D
Grammy Nominations Concert 2008

13 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Should Have Done the Michael Jackson Grammy Tribute

  1. Chrissy SLAYED! Love her, she really should’ve did the tribute. Or atleast Ciara & Chris Brown should’ve did a full out entertainment tribute.

  2. I completely agree!!

    I was thinking the same thing when as the Grammy’s were getting close. I really think that Grammy was possibly trying to fulfill a wish or request of Michael Jackson…His kids said that he was supposed to perform that night (when the spoke at the Grammy’s, right after his tribute). Who knows…either way, Christina Aguilera would have shut down the Grammy’s! Just like she does every time she performs there!

  3. I 110% approve of this article! Christina Aguilera is the defining voice of her generation. I still get chills whenever i watch her singing “Its A Man’s World”.

    One interesting thing the author forgot to note however is:

    Grammy Nominations Concert 2008
    Nina Simone – I Love You Porgy
    Christina’s take one this classic is another great example of why even Beyonce cant be compared to this woman. Xtina is the only one of her peers who can tackle ANY genre of music and succeed at it.


  4. Youre missing her tribute to Nina Simone, singing “I Loves You Porgy” at last year’s Grammy Nomination Concert.

  5. i am just as much as a fan are you are! i remember when DESTINY’S CHILD opened for CHRISTINA in 1998! I got my ticket stub. I knew then that Christina would be relevant 10 years later. Unfortunately, because she chose to be private and focus on her family – the industry forgot her…but not for long. This bitch is about to come out singing like the ghost of Ike Turner haunted her in the studio…

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