Quotes of the Week – Special Sizzle Miami 2010 Edition

For the eighth straight year (no pun intended), black and brown men from around the country descended onto Florida for Sizzle Miami, the annual urban gay event Memorial Day weekend. I’ve never done a black gay circuit party before (and never been to Miami) so this was a perfect excuse for a vacation.

It was kind of a mess, but I had a lot of fun. I’m still processing my thoughts, but until more in-depth posts, enjoy the best quotes from Sizzle:

(talking to Hyatt staff)
Yes, can we please have a quiet room, maybe in a corner on a high floor?
Oh it won’t be quiet anywhere in the hotel this weekend.

Mami, ¿Cómo se dice high maintenance en español?

::taps shoulder::
Is that your boyfriend?
Who? Why do you ask?
The other shirtless one. I just assumed…
Yes, why?
You’re both really hot, can I watch when you have sex later?!
::side eye:: Well that’s not gonna happen.

You want some of my salad?
I can’t fit anything else in my stomach, unless it’s sperm droplets!

Hi, my name is Anthony, nice to meet you.
You ain’t got no nickname?
Actually it’s blacksexmaster.
::side eye:: That’s your Hyatt nickname right?

Miami has the most organized homeless people ever.
Urban Prince via Twitter

(on crowded bus)
Why are all these old people going to South Beach?! Isn’t it for young pretty people?

They’re having an early edition of BETs Sundays Best: Ass & Dick edition!
destaco7 via Twitter

You wouldn’t be dancing like that with my dick inside you!

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