Playing for Keeps


Last night was…
Last night was…

Look, just don’t be afraid…OK?

Jill Scott – Honey Molasses

“…so you’re not going to take responsibility for this?”
His brown skin reflected in the mirror, you could see the beads of sweat rolling down his thigh.

“I didn’t do that,” I said with a smile.

I silently laughed to myself as I watched him examine the blood-clot in his mouth. I didn’t think I was a biter, but this was now the third formal complaint. Examining his naked body from the bed, I was contemplating where to leave the next marks.

Ever fuck someone for more than an hour? It’s like sexual purgatory; time stands still…you lose track of your surroundings, forgetting all the problems of the world. Add in the hour of foreplay and we had been in our own little world for some time. I had to rehydrate.

“Ready for round 2?”

He smiled, jumped back on the bed and began stroking my head. In the short amount of time we spent together he already figured out my ears were my spot and went back to work. I closed my eyes, retreating to the cloud I was floating on before the break.

I hate when people use nebulous words like “chemistry” when describing relationships, but there’s no other word for it. Once we were past the initial nervousness, comfort and connection took over. It’s like we were dancing horizontally…like we had known each other for years. An hour later and I was ready for bed. But I couldn’t stop kissing him.

“I could play with your bottom lip for another two hours,” I declared.
He smiled like he knew it was a challenge.

It had been so long since I had met a man with potential: physical and otherwise. I wanted to ask him about his hopes, his dreams. But instead we just kept smiling and laughing at one another.

“I like you.”
“I like you too.”

…and with that we began to get dressed.

“Will I ever see you again?”

The question seemed to come out of left field. He didn’t live close, but he didn’t live far away either. It wasn’t anything that couldn’t be worked out if we both put in the effort.

As I walked him to his ride, I was reminded this wasn’t my life and I would return to reality very soon. Could I bring a little piece of paradise home with me?

He must’ve though I was looking to play for the night. Little did he know I was playing for keeps.

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