Can Scream 4 Survive in the Age of Twitter?

OMG, I’m so glad Halloween is over! If I see another bad horror movie on cable, I’m going to cry! But October was great for another reason: it got me hyped for Scream 4.

After ten years, one of my favorite movie franchises returns in April. You can see the trailer below!

I hate horror movies, but at fifteen and an aspiring writer I was the biggest Kevin Williamson fan (creator of Dawson’s Creek). I snuck into the theater to see the original Scream in 1996 (which he wrote) and have been hooked ever since. But today is a much different beast. I’m afraid in this “always on” world the killer(s) of Scream 4 will be revealed before the movie even comes out.

I had to cut myself off from the internet for two whole days to enjoy the Grey’s Anatomy finale in May and I know several people who had the Project Runway finale ruined because they checked Facebook/Twitter before they could watch the episode (if only for television purposes, I can’t tell you how happy I am to be on East Standard Time).

It only takes one person who’s seen the end to go on a social networking site and ruin it for everybody. I’m going to see it regardless, but how do you deal with situations like this?

In the age of Facebook/Twitter how do you deal with live events/movies/television shows that have big reveals at the end?

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