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In an effort to give you more of why you’re probably here; to explore the intersections of race and sexuality, we’re introducing this new category. I can’t think of a person I’d like to share more with my readers.

I started watching Joaquin in 2008, in the heydays of YouTube. I was arbitrarily searching for homo-related content and stumbled upon his original Gay Series.

And yes he’s cute and all that, but if you actually listen (like I have for over three years) you begin to see he actually has something to say.

I think gay men of color take for granted the access we have to one another today. When I was a teenager there was no Youtube, no Noah’s Arc, no Grindr. I had to figure it out pretty much by myself. With so many people sharing their stories online today, it’s easy to find a gay boy who looks like you (even ethnicity wise).

He discusses relevant issues, but isn’t preachy. I don’t think people realize the power of just documenting your life, whether you do it for yourself or some other reason.

In the research we call this lived experience. How do young gay/bi Filipino men negotiate their masculinity (for example)?

Some of my favorites:

And You Are?
I’m bias because I’ve seen it live, but yeah, it still makes me smile.

I’m Gay & Confused
They say you never forget your first…(the Gay 001 video)
But yeah, speaking of Noah’s Arc, not having a lot of gay friends and being single at 28, 29, 30, LOL

Being Gay and at Your Best
Perhaps I just needed to hear this tonight, but of all his self worth/self love videos (and there are a few) this one is my favorite.

If you don’t put your best in something, then what are you doing?

He just started a new series: growing up gay. And extra stalker points if you want to read his writing on his WordPress.

Demographics: gay, Filipino, 20s
Location: The Bay Area, California
Highlights: poetry, dance, drag, self reflection (Variety)
Tagline: We from the Bay Y’all, We Da Best

Scavenger Hunt: There’s actually an interesting story about where the name of his channel comes from. Bonus points if you find the video with the explanation.

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