Two Years Later


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It was a risk moving away from the Quotes of the Week, but it helped me accomplish my major goal for year two: to get more intimate.

Truth is, I’ve been holding back. It’s a thin line between too much information (TMI) and relevant background. But the feedback I’ve received as well as the popularity of certain posts made me realize my place in the market. We’re going to take it up a notch in year three.

Now that Adam Irby and Karsh have disabled their blogs, I own the “sexcapades” and dating/relationship niche (respectively, haha). But seriously, it’s hard to find reflective personal sites especially around sexuality, especially from a black male perspective. I do take pride in producing content you’re not going to see anywhere else. You can’t buy this type of randomness.

Changes in my personal life have also allowed me to try new things. Lookout for some fun new things and a redesign in the fall.

If there’s any internal critique I have, I realize my varied interests have made the posts rather scatter-brained. I will try to do more theme week/months so it’s easier for everyone to follow.

Thank you all again for sharing in this journey. If I’ve helped one person find their inner sex master it was worth it. But this is my therapy, my healing and I look forward to what the future may bring.

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