Emotional Rollercoaster

He really is a busy man. He’ll make time…eventually.

I don’t bargain, lol. That question about moving cities was to incite conversation/understanding.

And I’m not going to apologize for liking dinner sans eyeballs.


Why are you so worried about cumming?


Those really are my friends, I didn’t hire them. Don’t get frustrated with me because it felt so right.

Just because I don’t “know” Captain Cockblock doesn’t mean I’m wrong about the situation.

You spend all your time helping others because you don’t want to deal with your own shit.

Honestly, the sex could’ve been better. Dirtier? I take full responsibility for that. I’ve internalized this gay Madonna-whore thing which clearly became an obstacle. How ’bout next conference we just get a bunch of black guys with big dicks and we can have a good old fashioned gangbang; cause that’s what we’re good for right? You’d probably be a lot happier. And I’d probably be more comfortable.

I didn’t want you to call anymore because every time I hear your voice all I think is “YOU LIE.” (whether to yourself or to me)

You don’t deserve me.

Different man, same selfish kind of love.

In the end, you’re breaking your own heart.

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