Quotes of the Week: Crash and Burn


What a bunch of Ding Dongs!
Stop you’re tickling my Funny Bone!
Ho Ho! Too funny!
He should be paid well, even if his company is bankrupt it still is making a lot of bread.
This is why we can’t have a serious conversation about unions. (Think Progressive)

People now offering sex and money in exchange for Twinkies on Craigslist.
Speaking of Hostess

Ugh I’m an hour late to my own gang bang.
I hate it when that happens gayboyproblems

This Christina Aguilera performance looks like a night in West Hollywood after 2 ecstasy tabs.
Dave Buchansky AMA commentary via Twitter

Cody Belew, what you just performed is what i hope my heaven would be like. sassy gay men, black leather, chains and twerking.
Speaking of crazy performances from the mind of Christina Aguilera. The Voice is amazing this season

…this is fucking disgusting. It happens everywhere in the world except they’re normally fighting over food and water…
commenter BooFinch It Wouldn’t Be Black Friday Without Shoppers Fighting Over Cheap Electronics (Gawker)

Yikes. This was harder to watch than that tragic seal video yesterday.
What’s Cool Now?: Graffiti, Breakdancing and What the Kids Call Beatboxing (Gawker)

Joe Biden reminds me of my uncle that would give me beer and teach me cuss words.
iDXR with a point

Y’all didn’t get your gift card? Guess I got mines faster since I’m not too far from the White House.
Romney: Obama Won Because Of ‘Gifts’ To Blacks, Hispanics And Young Voters (Wa2 via Andre’s FB)

Lessons from Birth of a Nation: ultimately, it’s those slick talking mulattoes you’ve really got to worry about.
Mychal Denzel Smith via Twitter

rickroberts: Counting down…how long will it take for a bitter, crabby queen to complain about age, twink, smooth, yada yada?
BitterCrabbyQUeen: WTF QUEERTY!?!?!! These kiddies are waaay too young and very twinky and too smooth…yada yada yada!!!
2 Strong Young Men Pose For the Camera Now Click

People against gay marriage say it’s hard to explain it to kids. By that logic, we should also ban physics, yeast, time zones, and Inception.
David Sawyer via Twitter

I can’t stress enough that New York City, in many places, is nowhere near back to “normal.”
Anthony De Rosa’s right…even today

Sometimes folks don’t learn until you leave!
Juven via Twitter

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