Talk About Sex – 103: Me and Mr. Jones Part 1

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“I’m nobody’s stop on the train to pussytown.”

In this episode Me and Mr. Jones, one of the funniest people I follow on Twitter talk about getting it in and the politics of being out.

Editorial note: the audio isn’t up to my standards. I apologize in advance if you experience humming, etc.

Show notes & links:

a respectable body count

gay men and biological clocks

9 Signs Your Husband Is Gay, According To

Revenge of the Black Nerds

why I created an Instagram

making a dating business plan

race and social apps

STI/HIV rates in Baltimore

the rules of versatility

Remy Mars vs. Trapp Boy

Looking for a tall, dark, macho man … sexual‐role behaviour variations in Latino gay and bisexual men

Move to New York City If You Throw Your Legs In the Air Like You Just Don’t Care

sexual socialization

porn advancing sexual roles expansion in the African American community

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