Quotes of the Week: Baby It’s Cold Outside

Handmade tampons

hand-crocheted tampons

I’m very anal about cleaning my sex toys.
Sex With Emily

Jesus F**king Christ what is going on here?
Melanie Amaro rebukes Satan on Twitter (Rickey.org)

(see what they both did there?)

The 2014 Orthodox Calendar has been released, and believe me, it’ll have you on your knees in prayer!
Sexy Priests Strip Down in 2014 Orthodox Calendar

What’s the straight version of Jack’d and Grindr? And why don’t gay people use the letter e? Is it like Bloods avoiding Cs?
NFLGoodwitch has questions

…funny how effeminate black gay men want to be white women and effeminate white gays want to be black women.
KiyoDandre via Twitter

LOL!!! the way he bounced off the car. Absolute madness.
commenter Los Blanc – Black Power Ranger stop (Son of Baldwin)

Nope, that doesn’t sound disturbing at all.
Lionsgate Is Hearing Offers for ‘Hunger Games’ Theme Parks (Rickey.org)

I don’t want to be race blind or gender blind. They matter!
Kerry Washington – For Cicely Tyson and Kerry Washington, Roles of a Lifetime (NY Times)

The contemporary cultural landscape supports a larger interpretation than the one we currently have, of female-masculinity and masculine-femininity. To believe otherwise is to be deceived by a myopic view which is influenced by capitalist gain and profit.
Casey Legler – I’m a woman who models men’s clothes. But this isn’t about gender

Living in denial has its comforts.
MTV’s Catfish Is the Embodiment of American Shame (Vulture)

A lot of attractive people are like nice cars with the check engine light on.
Men’s Humor on Twitter

Don’t crowdsource your self-esteem.
Don’t peer review it either!
via jerrika hinton Twitter

Compassion isn’t always spoken with unicorns & rainbows. Sometimes it comes with a python and a tarantula. And sometimes thats what u need.
Yolo Akili via Twitter

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