Quotes of the Week: Naughty or Nice?


Don’t Drake and Drive kids!
(video taken down, but trust me it was amazing)

what. the. hell? I feel like I just drunk stumbled into homo Narnia.
strange4sumchange – The Mall (NSFW)

Shout out to the lady who shouts “YOU BETTA SHUT UP!” in church instead of “Hallelujah!” and “Amen!” like normal people.
vinabean via Twitter

Why are the kids so obsessed with zodiac signs? After “What’s your position?” it’s “What’s your sign?” A lot of y’all crazy regardless.
astrology: not for everyone

Gays gonna miss out on love trying to chase after a picture perfect life with a masculine top that doesn’t exist.
We exist.
the constant struggle for visibility

I’m trying to raise sex-positive kids in a sexually abusive, shaming world.
FeministaJones fighting the good fight

The irony of an arts school screening Paris is Burning while trying to charge kids $15 to enter their event. #missedpoint
Diego Diaz

In emergency situations, Audra McDonald’s vibrato can power a small city for updates of 60 hours.
John Anthony via Twitter (Sound of Music Live)

A bitch will find a misspelled word in your post but can’t find they biological father.
The shadiest tweet of 2013

There’s a shift amongst the gays on the train today. Instead of staring each other down, we giving the “You got that Bey right?” look.
Beyonce = Peace

Quinn too fat to be pulling Columbiana moves.
Hershey with the best Scandal quotes of the season (and there were plenty)

Conan: Stop reminding us that we live in the Christian capitalist version of North Korea. Ignorance is bliss!

(my fav) It’s OK… you can admit it… if you have a Journalism degree and you’re banging your head on your desk.

Conan Proves Once Again That All Local News Is National

She need to pull a Snowden and stay in the terminal till she negotiates asylum with Black Twitter.
Has Justine Landed Yet?

As for why African-Americans don’t make the list, the authors believe that the Civil Rights Movement took away any hope for a superiority narrative, and so the black community is screwed…
Tiger Mom: Some Cultural groups are superior (NY Post)

I’ll bet you can buy Skittles in any neighborhood you want.
jendziura – When “Life Hacking” Is Really White Privilege

Trayvon is dead and his killer is on eBay, literally about to make hundreds of thousands off of his murder. My God.
Tahir Jetter via Twitter

Ending a friendship—even a long term one—need not be dramatic or nasty. Simply saying that you no longer feel like there is a place in your life for it or saying goodbye and that it’s time to move on, while thanking them for the memories, may be more than enough.
Three signs it’s time to end a friendship (Elephant Journal)

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