Quotes of the Week: Late Night Phone Calls

Body count really only an issue if all that practice ain’t been put to good use.

Black people have been marching for more than half a century to secure the rights enjoyed by whites. It has not been enough. We need a different path.
Corporate America supports the fight for LGBT rights. It should do the same for black lives.

White people aren’t the only one’s who are anti-Black. Be clear. Be very clear.
Damone Williams via Twitter

Creating villains is the surest way to guarantee you’ll always have somebody to fight against you.
Reexamining the Outer-Planet Backdrop (Astrobarry)

I didn’t know I needed this until I read it.
commenter Sapphire – How to Stop Other People’s Emotions from Bringing You Down

For almost every high school freshman, your first wrestling match is the closest you’ve ever been with another human being. Each match is six minutes — seemingly a lifetime — of contact with a stranger’s flesh and sweat, pressing and pulling on each other until one is worn down from exhaustion.
Wrestling Taught Me How (Not) To Be A Man (Buzzed)

None of these wealthy new New Yorkers seem particularly colorful, hilarious or interesting, and it’s a big bore.
georgehahn: Is It Time to Leave New York

Sometimes people think you’re mean when you really just mean what you say.
Jermaine Watkins via Twitter

No matter how expensive the truth is, it’s always worth the cost of admission.
chaninicholas; Gemini & Gemini Rising, week of July 18, 2016

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