Quotes of the Week: Expect The Unexpected


tops that don’t eat ass are homophobic.
William Vercetti via Twitter

I was putting myself at risk for sales associate dick.
The Non-News That Is Usher’s Herpes and Why We Have To Do Better

But in time I’ve learned that Daddy-o was onto something and the ugly truth is that in one way or another, White friends, largely, just aren’t safe to have.
Having White Friends Comes With Trauma I’m Not Willing to Deal With Anymore

And what they are afraid of is me *knowing.* And of discovering that perhaps it’s true: We don’t need them, but they, confoundingly, need us.
Son of Baldwin

Black life is now the South. Racism is everywhere. And at least in Atlanta real estate is more affordable than in New York.

So, I wonder, should I go, too?
Racism Is Everywhere, So Why Not Move South? (NY Times)

Between Hybrid Theory and Meteora, the civil unrest that lurked deep in my soul finally had a voice. For so many years, the demons that rattled loudly in my mind quieted the moment I sung the lyrics to “Crawling” or “Somewhere I Belong.” Chester’s voice just spoke every possible variant of sadness, anger, desperation, and loneliness that came along when I was held captive by depression.
When the Person Who Prevented Your Suicide Dies by Suicide

Does this mean we can have a show starring Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park without those other two dudes?
Jon Tsuei with a good question

Desire and violence run concurrently throughout my world.
The Thrill and Fear of ‘Hey, Beautiful’ (NY Times)

“It’s just hard to believe the dog was nasty when she took Lamby to every green room with her when Girls was still a thing 4 years ago.”
I Can’t Get Enough Of This Batshit Crazy Lena Dunham Dog Story (DeadSpin)

Gay people are no longer weird and scary, and teenagers want in on the party, believing that all that’s required is a rainbow headband and an open attitude…But what’s being lost is the ability to gather as outsiders, in public, after dark, and celebrate that outsider-ness.
When, Exactly, Did Pride Become A Party For Straight Teens? (SFist)

To suppress or manipulate, diminish or demonize masculinity itself is dehumanizing to trans and cis men, transmasculine, masculine-of-center, androgynous people, and more.
Is Healthy Masculinity a Lost Cause?: A Non-binary Person’s Thoughts on New Masculinity

Don’t explain.
Your friends do not need it,
and your enemies will not believe you.
Paulo Coelho

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