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Sticks and stones may break my bones
But chains and whips excite me
Rihanna – S&M

One of the consequences of having sex so readily available is professional porn producers have to kick it up a notch to keep the consumer interested in their product. This is similar to what happens in mainstream movie sequels (especially horror): the action gets more extreme in hopes of keeping your attention.

Not content with aggressive fucking, currently many gay porn studios are injecting a little kink into their videos. Or maybe it was always there, and now it’s not being edited out?

Specifically I’ve seen a lot more asphyxiation lately.


I think there’s a few things going on here:

Vampire Consciousness
Between Twilight, True Blood, and The Vampire Diaries there’s been a lot of bloodsucking in pop culture lately. Especially for True Blood, this allows not only a focus on the neck/throat, but an easy way to incorporate more “primal” sex play while making the domination and submission seem natural.


Pressure From The Empire
BoundGods (NSFW) is arguably my favorite new site (along with brother site Bound in Public). They (literally) have everything: bondage, group play, candle wax, electricity, good old fashioned spanking…there’s something for everyone. Interestingly I can’t watch their heterosexual videos, it messes with my wannabe feminist sensibilities too much.

Straight Boy Fantasy Atrophy
After decades (centuries?) of the “he’s straight, but I want him anyway” fantasy, it’s now morphed into “I still want him, even if he’s not a willing participant.” There’s been a lot of niche milking/straight boy bondage popping up lately.

Overall I think this is a good thing. If you know me in real life, you know Basic Instinct is my favorite movie of all time. I can recite it word for word. Bondage is a great way to work through trust/control issues, especially with a competent partner. But I suppose that’s my concern. If art imitates life, there’s a gay guy getting his back blown out and chocked as we speak.

Are people getting any professional training before they start randomly choking their partner?
Is there a conversation beforehand or does it just happen randomly one session?

Honestly, I’m waiting for that news story to pop up with a terrible accident involving a butt machine.

It’s bound to happen sooner or later.

Video Killed the Black (Gay) Blogging Star

Admittedly, I’m a personal blog whore. It all started with the Asians, you know cause they’re always early adopters of new technology. Back then they were called journals (before blogger, wordpress, tumblr, etc.).

Most notable were DJ Paris and (which has since turned into an American Idol fansite). Over time I found some black and brown boys, some gay, others not so much…all with a story to tell. But what the hell happened to everyone? Continue reading Video Killed the Black (Gay) Blogging Star

Best of Youtube Booty Bounce

You nasty mother fathers!

For nearly a year I’ve been offering a space to critically talk about sex and sexuality with a critical race perspective and what’s the most popular post on the site? The one with all the big black dicks swinging in the air.


Well as the saying goes, if you can’t beat (read: teach) them, join ’em. Continue reading Best of Youtube Booty Bounce