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Quotes of the Week – Love in a Hopeless Place

Girl bye

I’m verse.
::hysterical laughter::
I’m verse!
Gay Tops & Bottoms (AconnectionTV)

My boy had a girlfriend just like this who couldn’t take dick. Now he’s fuckin a MAN that can.
commenter Winston08 – girlfriend can’t handle deep black dick (NSFW)

Brazen Hussy.
commenter BlueberriesForMe – This is the Canada’s Bobsledding Team (JoeMyGod)

All that money and no rhinoplasty? He’s straight.
commenter Rad – Is 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick Dating Gay Circuit DJ Luis Perez? (Queerty)

Don’t put “non-scene” in your profile like EVERYONE didn’t see you getting fingered on the dancefloor over the weekend.
Drunk Grindr

I am sad. I have no life without Youtube. I’ll just take more Xanax.
commenter Dylan Murphy – Best Breakup Ever

Jesus Christ, who is that hairy mustache stud in the first picture. Can the show be all about him in a steam room? Or maybe a porn spinoff?
commenter Bravo – A Closer Look at Looking

“You feel controlled by the world when you’re poor,” she said. “That was simply no longer the case.”
What Happens When the Poor Receive a Stipend? (NY Times)

If you’re attractive, aggressive and a GREAT liar; you can get anything you want.
Ryan Drake with a good point

Google won’t break into your home. You’ll invite them in.
The Nest-Google privacy statement (

Some people are only in relationships for the pictures.
Xem VanAdams

The revolution will be fetishized.
CharlesPulliam via Twitter

Quotes of the Week: Naughty or Nice?


Don’t Drake and Drive kids!
(video taken down, but trust me it was amazing)

what. the. hell? I feel like I just drunk stumbled into homo Narnia.
strange4sumchange – The Mall (NSFW)

Shout out to the lady who shouts “YOU BETTA SHUT UP!” in church instead of “Hallelujah!” and “Amen!” like normal people.
vinabean via Twitter

Why are the kids so obsessed with zodiac signs? After “What’s your position?” it’s “What’s your sign?” A lot of y’all crazy regardless.
astrology: not for everyone

Gays gonna miss out on love trying to chase after a picture perfect life with a masculine top that doesn’t exist.
We exist.
the constant struggle for visibility

I’m trying to raise sex-positive kids in a sexually abusive, shaming world.
FeministaJones fighting the good fight

The irony of an arts school screening Paris is Burning while trying to charge kids $15 to enter their event. #missedpoint
Diego Diaz

In emergency situations, Audra McDonald’s vibrato can power a small city for updates of 60 hours.
John Anthony via Twitter (Sound of Music Live)

A bitch will find a misspelled word in your post but can’t find they biological father.
The shadiest tweet of 2013

There’s a shift amongst the gays on the train today. Instead of staring each other down, we giving the “You got that Bey right?” look.
Beyonce = Peace

Quinn too fat to be pulling Columbiana moves.
Hershey with the best Scandal quotes of the season (and there were plenty)

Conan: Stop reminding us that we live in the Christian capitalist version of North Korea. Ignorance is bliss!

(my fav) It’s OK… you can admit it… if you have a Journalism degree and you’re banging your head on your desk.

Conan Proves Once Again That All Local News Is National

She need to pull a Snowden and stay in the terminal till she negotiates asylum with Black Twitter.
Has Justine Landed Yet?

As for why African-Americans don’t make the list, the authors believe that the Civil Rights Movement took away any hope for a superiority narrative, and so the black community is screwed…
Tiger Mom: Some Cultural groups are superior (NY Post)

I’ll bet you can buy Skittles in any neighborhood you want.
jendziura – When “Life Hacking” Is Really White Privilege

Trayvon is dead and his killer is on eBay, literally about to make hundreds of thousands off of his murder. My God.
Tahir Jetter via Twitter

Ending a friendship—even a long term one—need not be dramatic or nasty. Simply saying that you no longer feel like there is a place in your life for it or saying goodbye and that it’s time to move on, while thanking them for the memories, may be more than enough.
Three signs it’s time to end a friendship (Elephant Journal)

Quotes of the Week: Baby It’s Cold Outside

Handmade tampons

hand-crocheted tampons

I’m very anal about cleaning my sex toys.
Sex With Emily

Jesus F**king Christ what is going on here?
Melanie Amaro rebukes Satan on Twitter (

(see what they both did there?)

The 2014 Orthodox Calendar has been released, and believe me, it’ll have you on your knees in prayer!
Sexy Priests Strip Down in 2014 Orthodox Calendar

What’s the straight version of Jack’d and Grindr? And why don’t gay people use the letter e? Is it like Bloods avoiding Cs?
NFLGoodwitch has questions

…funny how effeminate black gay men want to be white women and effeminate white gays want to be black women.
KiyoDandre via Twitter

LOL!!! the way he bounced off the car. Absolute madness.
commenter Los Blanc – Black Power Ranger stop (Son of Baldwin)

Nope, that doesn’t sound disturbing at all.
Lionsgate Is Hearing Offers for ‘Hunger Games’ Theme Parks (

I don’t want to be race blind or gender blind. They matter!
Kerry Washington – For Cicely Tyson and Kerry Washington, Roles of a Lifetime (NY Times)

The contemporary cultural landscape supports a larger interpretation than the one we currently have, of female-masculinity and masculine-femininity. To believe otherwise is to be deceived by a myopic view which is influenced by capitalist gain and profit.
Casey Legler – I’m a woman who models men’s clothes. But this isn’t about gender

Living in denial has its comforts.
MTV’s Catfish Is the Embodiment of American Shame (Vulture)

A lot of attractive people are like nice cars with the check engine light on.
Men’s Humor on Twitter

Don’t crowdsource your self-esteem.
Don’t peer review it either!
via jerrika hinton Twitter

Compassion isn’t always spoken with unicorns & rainbows. Sometimes it comes with a python and a tarantula. And sometimes thats what u need.
Yolo Akili via Twitter

Quotes of the Week: Time Flies When You’re Having Fun (Redux)


Don’t impregnate chicks that know your Twitter handle.
etfp via Twitter

I’ve met the man of my dreams and he’s an asshole. Plan B?
OKcupid profile

Los Angeles is a lot like Mean Girls. Just without an “off” button. Not that you’d want to turn off Mean Girls
Davey Wavey via his Facebook

It’s hard staying in beast mode when you’re in a lavender onesie.
hands down one of the best seasons of Big Brother in recent years.

Renounce that hair.
commenter Chuck Hoover – Antoine Dodson Renounces Homosexuality: Announces On Twitter, Facebook (ajaxx63 Facebook)

Her hearing fucked up her equilibrium. She was off balance. Shout out to sign language.
commenter jam – Foxy Brown Takes a Tumble (Straight From the A)

Perhaps I’m just ignorant of burglarizing methods, but does being shirtless aid in the process?
He was going for the natural, organic burglar look.
Man Hogties Burglar and Leaves Him in Yard for Police, Goes to Work (Gawker)

GREAT Rapid Fire but Pluto isn’t a planet anymore 🙁
dariusd2003 with the fine print (ADTV)

I hope ABC treats Joss [Whedon] better than FOX did.
How could they treat him any worse?
‘S.H.I.E.L.D’ gets shiny logo (EW)

Realest walk ever: from 125th & Lexington to 122th & Lex. Shit’s a parade of woes…hurts my feelings.
Walking thru broken dreams.
NYC: the land of aspirations destroyed

Someone tell Jay Z to give out a million fucking books for free.
Cosign with Charles Wade

I’m glad I was a square in my twenties.
Crissle West via Twitter

The truth is this: in a white supremacist world, black people cannot survive without ego. You ‘must’ be your own biggest fan.
Spectra Speaks (Kanye West)

You can’t change the people around you, but you can choose the people around you.
Stevie Mackey via Twitter

Quotes of the Week: Spring Break(down)


But when people feel the freedom to create Tumblr accounts about my cock, I feel like that wasn’t part of the deal…
Jon Hamm wishes people would stop talking about his penis (

Politeness has become so rare in this day and time that some people mistake it for flirtation.
Xem VanAdams via Twitter

I used to be a thug two minutes ago.
Mom to the Rescue! | Too Cute! (Animal Planet)

I think I’m gonna buy a fitted. There’s a homo thug inside of me somewhere.
Darian Aaron ready to try something new

I’ve got tickets to her Manchester show. God help me if this is what I’ve paid for.
commenter ItsAshleyJohn – Watch: Rihanna Struggles With ‘We Found Love’ On ‘Diamonds World Tour’ (That Grape Juice)

Having a child at 15 was the most psychologically traumatic experience of my life. That aspect never gets discussed.
commenter Danielle Woods – New York City Tries to Shame Its Teens Into Not Having Babies (Colorlines)

The problem was that I lost all those pounds, but I didn’t have to change a thing about my self. I didn’t have to address any of the emotional or psychological issues. I didn’t have to figure out why I had been depressed – why I was still so, so depressed, despite the fact that the one thing I thought had been ruining my life was suddenly gone.
Jen Larsen, Refinery29 – What Losing 180 Pounds Really Does to Your Body & Your Mind

Red is for marriage, purple is for stoping suicides; what color is immigration, poverty, school to prison pipeline, anti trans violence?
Erik via Twitter

I think about all the queer people of color, and the trans and genderqueer people, who are being told in no uncertain terms: your rights mean less than ours. Your alienation means less than our visibility. We’ll come back for you later. Wait your turn.
Why I almost defriended everyone who had an HRC logo as their profile photo this week

Pointing out the movement’s blindspots doesn’t weaken us. It strengthens us. To be critical with the intent to better is an act of love.
Janet Mock via Twitter

Scary to see how many people are anti-racist/anti-rape until a white guy goes to jail. Then it’s: “I hope he’s raped by his BLACK cellmate.”
Cord Jefferson dealing with Stubenville aftershocks

I don’t like walking around feeling like I’m being treated like a nigger.
Video Exclusive: David Floyd on Why He Sued NYPD (Colorlines)

If you’re Black you have to work two or three times harder to get ahead. Your leadership skill set will be resented–by both Blacks and Whites.
Rod McCullom speaking the truth

There’s no such thing as neutral people, who you associate with either moves you closer or further away from your goals.
Michael Baisden via Twitter

The “Julie and Kevin” episode aired shortly after the Los Angeles riots. For black viewers, the spat wasn’t about a thrown candlestick but a resonating truth: Whites can remain clueless about the struggles of black or brown people and still fruitfully exist in America. But as people of color, we need to fully understand whiteness in order to function and thrive; it’s lesson No. 1 of being a minority in America.
Clay Cane – Race and ‘The Real World’ (The Root)

From time to time we need to pause our lives and think about what is working and what needs to be changed. Else we will never heal or grow.
Kevin Powell via Twitter

Quotes of the Week: March Madness


(To Puerto Rican colleague)
Yeah, I can’t really drink vodka, it fucks with my stomach.
I can’t drink vodka cause it fucks with my emotions. (Oop!)

(straight boy friend dating older woman)
…besides her liver spots, she’s awesome!

A hooker, like a magician never reveals her tricks.
Cosigning with Chester Orlino

If you are letting someone hit your snatch’s bullseye with raw semen darts, don’t be surprised when they score!
Shane B. Johnson – Fugitive Wanted For Intentionally Spreading HIV to Hundreds of Gay Men in Tri-State Area (Son of Baldwin)

Walgreens after dark
H/T Cord Jefferson

Which one is better for a young, black, gay man looking for friendship: jack’d or grindr?
Um, the library maybe?

Hell is needing lube but having your ex work at the only adult store in town.
Jeremy with Central Valley Boy Problems

“I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In” is my favorite Taylor Swift song about a racist shop owner.
Chase Mitchell via Twitter

Prince Royce is the Frank Ocean of Spanish music.

When it comes to Rihanna, I usually just wish we can skip to the drug overdose and be done with her. She makes a catchy tune though.
Mr. Jones gives the best compliments

If gays say “boy pussy” do lesbians say “girl dick?”
Dawn Budgie with a good question

To put that into context: More people visit than (#200) and New York Daily News (#232.)
Viral video of beating puts WorldStarHipHop on hot seat (The Grio)

The most dangerous people on this planet are those who just sit and watch what is going on.
Paulo Coelho

Black people don’t dream up ways to kill White people. We just wanna be free. That’s all.
LoveMySkip via Twitter

Quotes of the Week: Love After War

Grumpy cat cookies by Whippedbakeshop

Don’t come here on Valentine’s Day and not blow me. That’ll get you sent home early.
Mr. Jones had trouble with his Valentine

(to gypsy co-worker)
How do I get pregnant?
(sighs) When you have sex with your legs up in the air like I told you before!

Ladies, on a scale from 1-10. How mad would y’all be?
Waiting to Exhale mad.
Valentine’s at McDonalds

Wiz Khalifa is a new STD in Persia.
Feminista Jones via Twitter

We’ve all been there.
commenter Bre Monteith – Man Arrested For Hitting His Boyfriend With A Plate Because He Listens To Too Much Alanis Morissette (BuzzFeed)

So it would appear that weatherman are not exempt from the male tendency to overestimate inches.
Lauren Bans wasn’t impressed with Nemo

Uh… a threesome is two girls and one dude. Two dudes and one girl is a train.
A train wreck apparently!
Man Stabbed When He Refused To Change Positions During Threesome (NewsOne)

All the black celebrities are in Houston this weekend for the NBA All-Star Game. I’m missing my chance to bottom for Chris Brown.
Mason Wyler via Twitter

I just got my straight bro friend to say “hunty.” My work here is done.
Take the rest of the weekend off. You earned it.
Each one teach one Saeed Jones

If you’re having period problems I feel sorry for you son. Cause I got 99 tampons cause a bitch ate one.
commenter obbsessedwithbass (lohanthony)

$9.00 a hour will barely lift you out of a New York City subway let alone poverty.
Blaq_Majik scoffs at the proposed minimum wage

Django was the closest you 90’s babies will get to receiving Black History.
Charlamagne Tha God via Twitter

When Lil Wayne compares Emmett Till’s face to a woman’s vagina, it’s time to go to war.
Dr. Boyce Watkins

(At Macy’s by the new Trukfit display)
Black girl: OMG, Lil Wayne has a clothing line? This looks like clown clothes. Who would buy this?!
Black boy: White people. White people love this shit.

Mainstream gay culture privileges the White narrative, and it does so at the expense of its own legitimacy.
Todd Clayton – Gay Will Never Be The New Black: What James Baldwin Taught Me About My White Privilege

In the digital age, voices aren’t “missing”, they’re ignored. Media outlets don’t have anymore excuses for not publishing diverse voices.
Spectra Speaks

One option was to lay down and die. The other was to get up and thrive. I chose to thrive!
Jamar Rogers

2012 Year in Review


What an interesting year!

I really didn’t write as often as I wanted to in 2012. I attribute that to my (unsuccessful) attempt at securing a husband. But I did have some quality posts last year.

Surprisingly, Preferences, Pride and Prejudice (Part 1 of 2) became one of my most popular posts ever. I’ve held the follow-up to reflect on dating an API man for the last two years and re-examine my own bias. I think I’m ready to restart that conversation.

Trouble in Paradise was fun and probably my favorite. I still giggle at that nonsense. SMH.

As Richard pointed out, no one wanted to have the date rape/sexual assault conversation. Really disappointing actually. I got some really good (off the record) feedback on it though.

Love on Top was fun as well. We’re gonna have some more fun with audio this year.

Hawaii – definitely going back soon
Finally seeing Fiona Apple live (twice!)
Bill O’Reilly staring me down at the Anita Baker concert. Pure comedy.
Meeting Chris Crocker and Tim Ferriss, among others.
Attending Oprah’s Lifeclass and seeing her work her magic in person.

2012 Quotes of the Year
[Trent having a core meltdown]
He always wants to get fucked.
He always wants to get fucked.
Straight boys always want to get fucked! ::ugh::
[Me] You say it like it’s a bad thing!

Woke up to a miss call from my probation officer!! freaking out a lil.
Always did like my trade rough around the edges

No refractory period
Marry me Cory Koons

Still remember my ex’s Netflix password
Danielle really is #winning

What happened to monogamy?
When you find him, let me know Teejay

Twitter is where I come to see gays with questionable income sources wax condescendingly about the finer things in life. Good times.
the alex via Twitter

No homo but Beyonce so fine I’d suck Jay-Z’s dick just to taste her pussy.
I’m sure this makes sense to someone

There needs to be a Cancer survivor’s group and I’m NOT talking about the disease!

Wait, I’m assuming you only date women?
I date anyone who’s not a shithead.
(Bisexuality week coming soon)

The war on drugs didn’t fail, it successfully locked up a huge chunk of the black population in the United States.
Ferrari Sheppard via Twitter

I’m so glad I’m in my thirties.
Will McNair

Quotes of the Week: Resolutions are for Bottoms

Old Yeller

My New Years resolution is to upload more dick pics taken in my bathroom mirror!
Ace Rockwood is focused for 2013

I’ll dip my biscotti in almost anything. Fortunately, for me, I’m more discriminating when my penis is involved.
Wait til you hear the Mr. Jones podcast episode.

I don’t fuck for bookings.
I do.
I heart Brice Scipio

I’ve given full cookies on I-75. I’m doing better this year though. Plus it was light traffic.
commenter Outside the Box Frank Ocean Arrested for Alleged Sexual Act in a Moving Vehicle (Sandra Rose)

Since the TSA LOVES feeling me up for no good reason, today when I fly I’m going to ask the lady what our safe word is.
ArlanWasHere via Twitter

I’ve read Foucault…not that great.

You know you’re lunching on the Upper East Side when the woman at the next table is complaining that her husband didn’t shave during her entire Hawaiian vacation.
Laura Holder via Twitter

I had no idea John Boehner is 5′ 6″ tall. Now, everything makes sense.
Sometimes it’s the simplest answer Darius

Stop living vicariously through Beyonce…unless you’re Keri Hilson, then dream big, girl.
A Morehouse Donovan-ism

Kathy Griffin is so funny but she blows me every time I see her with that curly hair and straight bang. What does that hairstyle even mean?
That she doesn’t have as many good gays as she thinks she does.

P.S. You know who does have a funny bone in her body? Your mom every night for a dollar.
Don’t mess with Tina Fey (Golden Globes tonight!)

Listening to old school Mariah ….it’s an ALL SKATE people.
I don’t expect anyone under thirty to get that reference. (Kelly Clarkson)

Mariah is built like a Scion XB.
Speaking of Mariah

If any of us had a tell all book we all would have a ratchet chapter or two…or three.
Jamal Simms – Tommy Mottola Describes How He Abused Mariah Carey in New Memoir (Andre’s FB)

Ugh… I’m kinda disappointed Beyonce isn’t doing the Super Bowl show solo. She always throws the other two a bone. Meh.
Nicco Sky not interested in a Destiny’s Child reunion

Don’t break your face! Then we’d have to find you on Sean Cody.
Speaking of Nicco Sky

There’s a reason a murder case can go cold after six months and a bank robbery case stays open and active for 50 years. Never ever touch capitalism.
Tressie MC via Twitter

What’s an educated black man with no debt, felonies, baby mommas and has a good career called?

No, you can’t force other people to change. You can, however, change just about everything else. And usually, that’s enough.
RIP Aaron Swartz

We will never be free as long as we need something or someone else to give it to us.
Iyanla Vanzant via Twitter

Quotes of the Week: It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)


So y’all having “End of The World” sex?
No Gary, but that End of The World masturbatory session was amazing!

Is VH1 Soul seriously playing Anita Baker – “Caught Up In The Rapture” right now because of today?
Yes! (I love her)

I tried applying online at gay porn studios in SF but ended up masturbating instead.
It happens Jeremy

Just had the best massage. Dude worked my neck and back. But not my pussy or my crack.
See what he did there?

How many candy canes can I hang off my dick?
Reindeer games with Juven

Those True Religion jean outfits make everyone look like a lesbian from behind.
al neezy via Twitter

Saw a Vespa crash into a Toyota Prius today. There was glitter everywhere.
Sammy Rhodes via Twitter

White people always talking about being healthy, but refuse to tell me why a bell pepper is $2.35 and a Frosty is 99¢.
Nerdonic via Twitter

Bar crawls are for date rapists and girls who blew their dates during the movie TED.
Julie is over SantaCon

A Black man kills, he’s a menace to society. A Foreign man kills, he’s a terrorist. But a White man kills, he’s psychologically unstable.
Someone had to say it

No child should ever be exposed to such heinous violence, whether it’s in Newtown, CT or Mingora, Pakistan.
Kalaya’an Mendoza via Twitter

The deeper one delves into the content of LaPierre’s remarks, the more offensive they become.
Ken Tucker – NRA’s Wayne LaPierre attacks entertainment and news media for Newtown killings; makes bizarre claims; protests erupt (EW)

After Trayvon Martin was shot, I don’t remember the NRA saying that every black teenager should go out and get a gun for protection.
someone had to say that too

The majority of people won’t get it…that’s why they’re “them.”
Pharaohc1ous via Twitter

All men are prepared to accomplish the incredible if their ideals are threatened.
Maya Angelou

Sometimes, the end is really the beginning.
Terry McMillan via Twitter