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Quotes of the Week: Black Excellence

The greatest hustle in American history begins.
Facebook friend

Don’t try it with me this evening Twitter. I will gather you like last season’s crop.
Charles M. Blow is not the one.

Silly me to expect self-preservation to take priority over racism, I suppose.
Why I’m Skipping The Women’s March on Washington (Colorlines)

Humans tend to have a difficult time coming up with a clear yes or a clear no. They also have challenges with a clear hello and goodbye. Taken together, these four values comprise the most important boundaries you can have. They are the gas, brakes and steering of your life.
Chronogram: Gemini, Feb. 2017

We each have in us a wild impulse-driven rebel who craves immediate freedom and excitement at all costs and a calculating self-controlled despot who presumes the end will always justify the means. The less mindfully we create dialogue between them, the more harshly they’ll fight each other.
2017: Responding to the Unexpected (Astrobarry)

While Venus teaches us about connection, love and forming important unions, the planet also teaches us about our experiences of the opposite: betrayal, rejection and envy. Venus puts us into contact with the entire spectrum of relationship experiences, from feelings of contentment to incompetence.
Chani Nicholas

“The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.”
Isaac Asimov

I can’t stress this enough—protect your attention like you protect your friends, family, money, etc. It’s among the most valuable things you have.
I’m Jason Fried, CEO of Basecamp, and This Is How I Work (LifeHacker)

Remember today, since we may spend the rest of our lives getting back to this point.
Tomorrow (Brent Simmons)

Spotlight: Yolo Akili

Yolo Elevator

“Gender socialization is trauma.” – Yolo Akili

Ever meet someone and it feels like you’ve known them your entire life?

This is going to sound crazy, but I knew Yolo Akili before I knew him.

Like many men I follow on Twitter, I started following him because I thought he was cute. He would show up in my timeline every so often with some good wisdom…it wasn’t until about a year later I realized I was already familiar with his work.

Most of the men I look up to are renaissance men. I was first introduced to Yolo around his work around race and sexuality (naturally), but I was delighted to find out his work crosses other arenas including spoken word, yoga and astrology. How many black/brown men can I have an intelligent (intersectional) conversation about Western astrology with?! I immediately booked a reading.

My full chart was hands down the best money I spent that year. It was recorded and was supposed to be a podcast, alas we lost it due to technical difficulties. But the Ah-ha moments will stay with me forever.

I also had the pleasure of watching Yolo teach an undergraduate class at Fordham university; you could see the light bulbs going off in folk’s mind. I’ve been doing this work for so long, I take for granted most people will never take a sexuality/gender studies course (let alone with an instructor who can infuse critical race theory into the mix). Many students in the class began to unpack that very night.

His new book, Dear Universe: Letters Of Affirmation & Empowerment For All of Us has been my saving grace this year. When people get on my nerves and I have the urge to ruin their self esteem, Yolo reminds me to “give people back their crazy.”

We need more of this.
We need more people engaging in this work, especially LGBT people of color.
We need more Yolo.

You can find out more information about Yolo at YoloAkili.com including astrological services. Highly recommended if you’re into that sort of thing.

There’s a great interview with Yolo regarding his talk at the Queer Astrology Conference in San Francisco (of course). More about compatibility and power soon.

And Dear Universe can be purchased here. Makes a great gift!

Sunday School – Cooking With Crab Meat

I was in love with a Cancer once and that is exactly what he turned out to be. He’s in remission right now, but every now and then that nigga requires a high dose of radiation.
Trent Jackson – Calm

Visiting Trent in the summer of 2008 remains one of my favorite trips to Los Angeles. This was my first time meeting him in person and he happened to be in a relationship. Meeting someone while they’re in love is an honor and a privilege. You see them at their best; always trying, always putting their best foot forward. I was able to steal some of that energy and get some great hospitality over that holiday weekend.

Weeks after my trip I inquired about their volatile dynamic.

“You obviously care a lot about him, but you’re always really stressed. He’s seems like a handful.”

The Sex Master in me would say there were many red flags: the boyfriend was too young for Trent (in my opinion)…there was just a lot going on. Ultimately there was just a level of maturity that wasn’t being met. But it wasn’t my business to judge and I tried to be as supportive as I could.

It wouldn’t be until I was in a similar situation years later that I realized what the exact problem was: Trent was in love with a Cancer.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with Cancer men (including Trent’s ex-boyfriend) you just have to know what you’re getting into. Three things you’ll never get from a Cancer man: compromise, communication and consideration.

For Gemini and other pragmatic signs, this will be a long term problem.
Oh yes, the sex will be amazing if you channel the fiery banter you have outside the bedroom into the physical. But is that enough to sustain a relationship?

In their defense, it’s not just Cancer men. I think this gem about Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Libra) sums it up pretty nicely:

Many projects get started, thanks to Cardinal initiative, although a good deal of them are never finished. That’s because Cardinal folks are much fonder of starting things than finishing them.

Yeah, about that.

I suppose all this wasn’t new information. When I was younger, my family would go to this all-you-can-eat seafood buffet with the church. I would watch my sister spend hours using various tools just to get a little bit of crab meat out of the shell (even when they’re dead inside Cancer men crabs put up a fight). I just didn’t get it.

Digressing to the boy at hand. I had one saving grace: his love sign was Gemini. But would that be enough? Would I finally get the boyfriend I desperately sought?

Gary Cancer.jpg

Oh my indeed