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Quotes of the Week: Spring Break(down)


But when people feel the freedom to create Tumblr accounts about my cock, I feel like that wasn’t part of the deal…
Jon Hamm wishes people would stop talking about his penis (Rickey.org)

Politeness has become so rare in this day and time that some people mistake it for flirtation.
Xem VanAdams via Twitter

I used to be a thug two minutes ago.
Mom to the Rescue! | Too Cute! (Animal Planet)

I think I’m gonna buy a fitted. There’s a homo thug inside of me somewhere.
Darian Aaron ready to try something new

I’ve got tickets to her Manchester show. God help me if this is what I’ve paid for.
commenter ItsAshleyJohn – Watch: Rihanna Struggles With ‘We Found Love’ On ‘Diamonds World Tour’ (That Grape Juice)

Having a child at 15 was the most psychologically traumatic experience of my life. That aspect never gets discussed.
commenter Danielle Woods – New York City Tries to Shame Its Teens Into Not Having Babies (Colorlines)

The problem was that I lost all those pounds, but I didn’t have to change a thing about my self. I didn’t have to address any of the emotional or psychological issues. I didn’t have to figure out why I had been depressed – why I was still so, so depressed, despite the fact that the one thing I thought had been ruining my life was suddenly gone.
Jen Larsen, Refinery29 – What Losing 180 Pounds Really Does to Your Body & Your Mind

Red is for marriage, purple is for stoping suicides; what color is immigration, poverty, school to prison pipeline, anti trans violence?
Erik via Twitter

I think about all the queer people of color, and the trans and genderqueer people, who are being told in no uncertain terms: your rights mean less than ours. Your alienation means less than our visibility. We’ll come back for you later. Wait your turn.
Why I almost defriended everyone who had an HRC logo as their profile photo this week

Pointing out the movement’s blindspots doesn’t weaken us. It strengthens us. To be critical with the intent to better is an act of love.
Janet Mock via Twitter

Scary to see how many people are anti-racist/anti-rape until a white guy goes to jail. Then it’s: “I hope he’s raped by his BLACK cellmate.”
Cord Jefferson dealing with Stubenville aftershocks

I don’t like walking around feeling like I’m being treated like a nigger.
Video Exclusive: David Floyd on Why He Sued NYPD (Colorlines)

If you’re Black you have to work two or three times harder to get ahead. Your leadership skill set will be resented–by both Blacks and Whites.
Rod McCullom speaking the truth

There’s no such thing as neutral people, who you associate with either moves you closer or further away from your goals.
Michael Baisden via Twitter

The “Julie and Kevin” episode aired shortly after the Los Angeles riots. For black viewers, the spat wasn’t about a thrown candlestick but a resonating truth: Whites can remain clueless about the struggles of black or brown people and still fruitfully exist in America. But as people of color, we need to fully understand whiteness in order to function and thrive; it’s lesson No. 1 of being a minority in America.
Clay Cane – Race and ‘The Real World’ (The Root)

From time to time we need to pause our lives and think about what is working and what needs to be changed. Else we will never heal or grow.
Kevin Powell via Twitter

Quotes of the Week: Hell in a Handbasket

ADTV Workout.jpg

Damn Metrell; That booty pop at 6:11 threw off my focus for a hot second!
commenter MakeLoveNoBabiez (ADTV Workout)

Wanna confuse a Chinese woman? Ask her about jalapeños.
Urban Prince via Twitter

I get extra points if I pull an Arab Girl right??
Cody playing the game

I’m uncircumcised ‘cause I come from the hood.
nice one VivaLaPenis

I found a cute guy on Grindr. Lets hope he doesn’t turn out to be a whore.
Good luck ralphfv!

Just told my friend I liked their new mustache, and she unfriended me from Facebook!
That’s not nice Joey

If straight girls get on the salad tossing swag what else will the gays have to turn out straight men?
There’s always docking Hershey!

Is it too much to ask for my Waffle House waitress to have all her teeth? Apparently so.
Darian Aaron is high maintenance

You had sex?
How you know?
You smell like a light hint of musk, warm vanilla and sperm.
CSI: Derrick L. Briggs

I wonder if the parking lot behind a sperm bank contains an actual cum dumpster.
Stacey Nightmare with a good question

FML. Just got sued for naming my transgender coming-of-age story “From Justin to Kelly.”
womp womp Megan Amram

Listen…that rat probably pays rent.
They need to pay utilities too XD

Shout out to people in NY who make NO attempt whatsoever to learn English.
Devynity via Twitter

Just spotted two White women pushing their own babies in Washington Square Park. Miracles do happen.
Darius Clark Monroe via Twitter

Magic Johnson’s white blood cells are tougher than Ray J.
overheard by Edwin

So California has a commercial to break stereotypes so people could come visit. Can Black people get a commercial like that?
If only DaShawn…if only

Quotes of the Week (Special Edition) – Bishop Eddie Long Sexual Coercion Lawsuit(s)


On Tuesday, two Georgia men sued megachurch pastor Eddie Long alleging he coerced them to have sexual relations. It hasn’t even been a full 36 hours and not only are the interwebs ablaze, but now a third lawsuit has been filed.

We’re going to keep a close eye on this story, but I wanted to give you all a snapshot of the conversation so far. I present to you a special Eddie Long edition of the Quotes of the Week:

I don’t know what happened, so I’m gonna say allegedly…Eddie Long had sex with some trade and the trade got upset!
Drama Dupree

Bishop Eddie Long Stroke is a Kappa! Enough said!
KlothezMinded via Twitter

The real reason why I’m movin to Atlanta next week is because I’m Eddie Long’s newest “spiritual son.” There I said it! A nigga tryin to get paid!
Adam Benjamin Irby via Twitter

i went on MediaTakeout…You saw how fine that boy was?!?! Yeah he sucked that cock.
commenter 9thwardtea getting in on the action

I hope Eddie Long didn’t manipulate John 12:14 to be gay. That scripture does state “When Jesus found a young ass he sat on it.”
Charlamagne Tha God via Twitter

Ask a member of the “original” New Birth what happened to the last pastor…and how Eddie Long got on. Do some research. (clutching pearls)
TheRealLuxe via Twitter

King James had sex with men and commissioned the Holy Bible. Why is [everyone] surprised by Eddie Long?
Mr. Jones via Twitter

How much interaction will the LongFellows have with Bishop Long?
Bishop Long loves mentoring and is very involved when his schedule permits. (my emphasis)
Long Fellow Youth Academy FAQ

Somebody in my family just said they wished Bishop Dick Tracey Long had “just cheated with some women.” I. QUIT. BLACK. AMERICA.
HypnotiqOne via Twitter

This Eddie Long scandal has the makings of an epic screenplay…the “Black Brokeback Mountian.” I see NAACP Image Awards people!
D0wJ0nEs via Twitter

Mark my words, this is going to turn into an episode of Law & Order: SVU!
Sir Daniel via Twitter

The news reports are salacious. I support you whether or not the accusations are true or not. If true, repent. I forgive you like God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. How do we forgive? We forgive, forget and move forward. Flesh cannot destroy the spirit. (also my emphasis)
Bonnie Campbell via Eddie Long’s Facebook

Shame on Eddie Long’s spokesperson. Jesus too hung out with folks who knew “the wrong side of the law.” He just didn’t coerce them into sex.
KT Jones via Twitter

Now clearly the claimants could be lying, exaggerating or just doing satan’s work, but the “appearance of impropriety” is in the details.
Star Jones via Twitter

The case is about Bishop Eddie Long but the situation is about “power”, “leaders”, and the “black community” that looks up to them.
Tron via Twitter

If this is not a clear indication to blacks everywhere that Christianity and religion can not save/protect you, I don’t know what is.
Trent Jackson via Twitter

What is it going to take for the black church to have an honest discussion about human sexuality? Another scandal?
Darian Aaron via Twitter

Disappointment is the difference between expectation and reality.
Bishop Eddie Long (himself) via Twitter

There will be more, fasten your seatbelts!
Rod McCullom via Twitter

Quotes of the Week – Ending 8.8.10

Being a top is no excuse for being a bore.
Random Phantom via Twitter

After watching all these episodes of Spongebob, I’ve come to the conclusion that Mr. Krabs is Jewish.
Urban Prince via Twitter

I definitely thought this woman singing on this Rick Ross song was Nina Simone. It was Cee-Lo.
Urban Prince as well (I couldn’t choose!)

You will NOT get along with everybody!
Rev Run via Twitter

Chris Brown needs to change it up a bit. To what? I don’t know, but something else. Ciara just needs to fill out a FAFSA.
B.Tiz via Twitter

Maybe I should whore around like everyone else…
Devon Corneil via Twitter

Subtlety is lost on those unable to appreciate it.
commenter EH – Clever Ads for Tivo (37signals)

To bankrupt a fool give him information.
Nassim Taleb via Twitter

Dear Arizona, your state used to be part of Mexico. If you are non-Mexican and non-indigenous, then you are the immigrant.
Prerna Lal via Twitter

Way to go, California Supreme Court! Gay couples should have the right to a 50 percent chance of getting divorced, too.
Chad via Twitter

Arnold [Schwarzenegger] being a political weather vane, he obviously thinks supporting gay marriage is good politics now, after vetoing it twice.
David Dayen via Twitter

It’s so sickening to think it’s 2010 and people still care that two guys can love each other.
Karlos Lopez via Twitter

History will remember the gay marriage thing the same way it does segregation.
Darian Aaron via Twitter

…you wouldn’t believe how many white girls I knew in school who honestly just did not think [HIV/AIDS] affected them at all. I know a woman in particular who is so sure she has AIDS at this point that she will NOT get tested, and she sleeps around like crazy.
commenter regazza_di_lupo – Cyndi Lauper & Lady Gaga Go Off Script, Discuss Safe Sex On GMA (Jezebel)

I like to be multi-contextual, which is much more important than being multicultural.
Cornel West via Twitter

The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.
Albert Einstein

Sometimes I worry about being a success in a mediocre world.
Betty Yelp via Twitter

I’ve come to the conclusion that no one has your best interest in mind…
Michael Miles via Twitter

My existence isn’t based on your validation.
Necole Bitchie via Twitter

The universe does my dirty work. Karma is a bitch.
Mr. Jones via Twitter

To want others to do the best they can for themselves, when they have done the best they can for you — this is intelligence.
Maya Angelou via Twitter

We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.
Charles Swindoll via Tim Ferriss

In this race, you have to pace yourself.
WhatsTheT via Twitter

There’s good and bad in everything… you get what you’re looking for.
Kanye West via Twitter

You can’t bring everyone to the new places you’re going.
Trent Jackson via Twitter

Video Killed the Black (Gay) Blogging Star

Admittedly, I’m a personal blog whore. It all started with the Asians, you know cause they’re always early adopters of new technology. Back then they were called journals (before blogger, wordpress, tumblr, etc.).

Most notable were DJ Paris and Rickey.org (which has since turned into an American Idol fansite). Over time I found some black and brown boys, some gay, others not so much…all with a story to tell. But what the hell happened to everyone? Continue reading Video Killed the Black (Gay) Blogging Star