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Quotes of the Week: Post Sex Mastery

Head in T5

Shit Happens.
Mariah Carey

If you think I’m going to respect a head of office for 4 years who can’t even blend his concealer properly, you got another thing coming.
Margaret Cho via Twitter

My mom gave me game when I was young. She said you never need to lie to women because women will lie to themselves if they really like you.
Message! (Yusufyule)

Ever notice how when a White person starts being racist, other White people around them do the Mannequin Challenge?
Rev. Melech Thomas with a good point

I liked these apartments for the same reason I like literature: I enjoy the intimate trespassing in another person’s consciousness. And like literature, my scrutiny is one-sided. The men did not receive the same invitation to assess my insufficiencies of spatial organization.
Why I Chose Aesthetics Over a Healthy Relationship

And I realised: eh, I’m done. I could be swimming right now. Or flossing. Or digging a big, pointless pit. Anything else.
Lindy West – I’ve left Twitter. It is unusable for anyone but trolls, robots and dictators (The Guardian)

Give your kid a tablet, a game, and some chicken fingers for dinner. It’s easier than talking to him.
Seth Godin – The candy diet

“You will never again be surrounded by this concentration of men who are worthy of you.”
Single black female BA seeks educated husband: Race, assortative mating and inequality

“Apparently she’s like a sponge,” Howell said. “She hasn’t told us all her secrets.”
A 6-Year-Old Used Her Sleeping Mom’s Thumbprint To Buy $250 Of Toys On Amazon (BuzzFeed)

Quotes of the Week: Resolutions are for Bottoms

Old Yeller

My New Years resolution is to upload more dick pics taken in my bathroom mirror!
Ace Rockwood is focused for 2013

I’ll dip my biscotti in almost anything. Fortunately, for me, I’m more discriminating when my penis is involved.
Wait til you hear the Mr. Jones podcast episode.

I don’t fuck for bookings.
I do.
I heart Brice Scipio

I’ve given full cookies on I-75. I’m doing better this year though. Plus it was light traffic.
commenter Outside the Box Frank Ocean Arrested for Alleged Sexual Act in a Moving Vehicle (Sandra Rose)

Since the TSA LOVES feeling me up for no good reason, today when I fly I’m going to ask the lady what our safe word is.
ArlanWasHere via Twitter

I’ve read Foucault…not that great.

You know you’re lunching on the Upper East Side when the woman at the next table is complaining that her husband didn’t shave during her entire Hawaiian vacation.
Laura Holder via Twitter

I had no idea John Boehner is 5′ 6″ tall. Now, everything makes sense.
Sometimes it’s the simplest answer Darius

Stop living vicariously through Beyonce…unless you’re Keri Hilson, then dream big, girl.
A Morehouse Donovan-ism

Kathy Griffin is so funny but she blows me every time I see her with that curly hair and straight bang. What does that hairstyle even mean?
That she doesn’t have as many good gays as she thinks she does.

P.S. You know who does have a funny bone in her body? Your mom every night for a dollar.
Don’t mess with Tina Fey (Golden Globes tonight!)

Listening to old school Mariah ….it’s an ALL SKATE people.
I don’t expect anyone under thirty to get that reference. (Kelly Clarkson)

Mariah is built like a Scion XB.
Speaking of Mariah

If any of us had a tell all book we all would have a ratchet chapter or two…or three.
Jamal Simms – Tommy Mottola Describes How He Abused Mariah Carey in New Memoir (Andre’s FB)

Ugh… I’m kinda disappointed Beyonce isn’t doing the Super Bowl show solo. She always throws the other two a bone. Meh.
Nicco Sky not interested in a Destiny’s Child reunion

Don’t break your face! Then we’d have to find you on Sean Cody.
Speaking of Nicco Sky

There’s a reason a murder case can go cold after six months and a bank robbery case stays open and active for 50 years. Never ever touch capitalism.
Tressie MC via Twitter

What’s an educated black man with no debt, felonies, baby mommas and has a good career called?

No, you can’t force other people to change. You can, however, change just about everything else. And usually, that’s enough.
RIP Aaron Swartz

We will never be free as long as we need something or someone else to give it to us.
Iyanla Vanzant via Twitter

Quotes of the Week – Ending 8.22.09

I like my women like I like my coffee
Thanks Scrivs!

I didn’t realize people still did that.
What, fuck with their Timbs on?

I’m a freak who likes it rough with lots of saliva.
BGC profile

I miss the old Mariah.
She’s alive…in our hearts.

It’s no shade Les, I love you to death, but why everything always comes down to top and bottom?!
The LesMan Show – Gay Men’s Greatest Fear 2.5

…you lost everything you had chasing them scallywags.
Regret – Letoya Luckett sophomore album Lady Love in stores this Tuesday!