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Quotes of the Week: Caviar Ratchet

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“I’d fuck him but he couldn’t spend the night.”
commenter Jai (the man with the plan)
Lucas Entertainment Hires Hung Argentinian Model Who Apparently Killed His Father and Brother (The Sword)

I don’t know, I guess they should be more down to fuck since their holes were made for pounding.
omg what?!
(Gary shenanigans)

Fixing your physical image just to choose the same niggas who rejected you in the first place…

Julianne Moore should’ve won for yelling “suck my dick” at that pharmacist in Magnolia.
@captain_fuck via Twitter

Appreciating Jordan Sparks’ sense of humor more every day.

LoL. Someone said the blacks watched Empire and the African-Americans watched Blackish.

I’m not sure if Bill Cosby is guilty or not, but I DO know that y’all have been letting Roman Polanski and Woody Allen live for almost 40 years.
Vinnie Paz via Twitter

If you’ve been “falsely accused” of drugging & raping women, it’d PROBABLY not be a good idea to go on stage & tell jokes about it.
Franchesca Ramsey via Twitter

Job descriptions be like “Must be fluent in 5 languages, able to work 60+ hours a week, have 3 degrees. $10/hr”
Kitty Azalea via Twitter

Yeah, I was one of the Lost Boys myself, out here putting a price on my body, but what the hell. How long was I supposed to go without any sex? If I can’t get it for free, why not get paid for it?
When You’re Strange (Gilded Moments: Confessions of a Gay Nympho)

Imagine if we loved each other the way some people love Beyoncé.
Donovan with a point.

Accountability is essential. I can’t rock with you if you can’t be person enough to hold yourself accountable; I don’t trust that.
Why Chase and I get along

Protect your joy. Defend your dreams. Stay humble. Sometimes it’s that simple.
alex elle via Twitter

Quotes of the Week – Ending 7.25.09

Ending 7/25/09

[Editor’s note: I have an inappropriate sense of humor. But if you follow me on Twitter, you already knew that.]

(Explaining to my friend that I wasn’t going to start working out again until I could afford nutritious food)
Eating right is expensive.
I know. That’s why I don’t eat at all!

Now this song right here…CHILD. It makes getting raped sound sexy!
(Jashiro describing the Ledisi song ‘Papa Love To Love Me’ to friend Will McNair)

(to my six year old niece)
put the honeybun down you little punk!

So we’re supposed to believe a lone white police officer in Massachusetts but not believe the entire state of Hawaii about Obama’s birth?
– Keith Boykin via Twitter

With all due respect, what were you thinking?
(ABC News reporter throwing shade to the donkey who decided to perform her own plastic surgery)

You got Christian Dior on, Louis Vuitton shoes on and Gucci pants on…AND ROACHES!
ADTV Lesson #403: Dealing with Stupid People

I don’t do drugs. I just smoke weed.
Mr. Jones via Twitter

When Dudes Apologize For Gettin Their D!C%S Sucked By Other Men Or Women, They’re ONLY Sorry That U Found Out. They Enjoyed That SH!T. Trust
XemVanAdams via Twitter