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Quotes of the Week: It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)


So y’all having “End of The World” sex?
No Gary, but that End of The World masturbatory session was amazing!

Is VH1 Soul seriously playing Anita Baker – “Caught Up In The Rapture” right now because of today?
Yes! (I love her)

I tried applying online at gay porn studios in SF but ended up masturbating instead.
It happens Jeremy

Just had the best massage. Dude worked my neck and back. But not my pussy or my crack.
See what he did there?

How many candy canes can I hang off my dick?
Reindeer games with Juven

Those True Religion jean outfits make everyone look like a lesbian from behind.
al neezy via Twitter

Saw a Vespa crash into a Toyota Prius today. There was glitter everywhere.
Sammy Rhodes via Twitter

White people always talking about being healthy, but refuse to tell me why a bell pepper is $2.35 and a Frosty is 99¢.
Nerdonic via Twitter

Bar crawls are for date rapists and girls who blew their dates during the movie TED.
Julie is over SantaCon

A Black man kills, he’s a menace to society. A Foreign man kills, he’s a terrorist. But a White man kills, he’s psychologically unstable.
Someone had to say it

No child should ever be exposed to such heinous violence, whether it’s in Newtown, CT or Mingora, Pakistan.
Kalaya’an Mendoza via Twitter

The deeper one delves into the content of LaPierre’s remarks, the more offensive they become.
Ken Tucker – NRA’s Wayne LaPierre attacks entertainment and news media for Newtown killings; makes bizarre claims; protests erupt (EW)

After Trayvon Martin was shot, I don’t remember the NRA saying that every black teenager should go out and get a gun for protection.
someone had to say that too

The majority of people won’t get it…that’s why they’re “them.”
Pharaohc1ous via Twitter

All men are prepared to accomplish the incredible if their ideals are threatened.
Maya Angelou

Sometimes, the end is really the beginning.
Terry McMillan via Twitter