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Let Go

It’s after midnight. I’m watching walkingh2o post all these half naked pictures of himself. The peanut gallery is requesting dick pics. I’m good with the back shots. I think he’s drunk, maybe high. Perhaps both? A sizable chub is brewing.

Marcus is one of my favorites. I’ve been watching him for close to a decade at this point. He’s the perfect size, that sexy dancer body, handsome in the face…

But what I’ve always really appreciated about him was his ability to let go. When he “goes off the rails” like this I just want to be inside his mind with a tub of popcorn. It’s a stream of consciousness with all these gems regarding sex, masculinity, what it means to be a man, etc.

I don’t have that type of personality.

I think that’s why I loved his Real Life Vlog series (since removed) so much. It was a window into a world I don’t really have personal access to.

Most of the risks I’ve taken (in my adult life) have been very premeditated. I’m not complaining, I just love to experience people cut from a different cloth.

Semi-related, there’s this interesting debate going on with what’s wrong with contemporary gay porn. If there were a spectrum of sex imagery and I were using my favorite black/brown boys as data points, Marcus and his ability to give it all raw and unfiltered would be at one end of the spectrum.

Someone like ShawnQT (another favorite) would be on the other end; calculated and (dare I say) safe. By his own admission he’s been able to wield his masculinity in service of his expanding #sexygeek brand.

Brian Nieh would be smack in the middle; the perfect mix of predictable and “What will he do next?”

We could all use a healthy dose of “Let Go” in 2016.

Quotes of the Week – Ending 1.2.11

Lost my phone last night! If you find it, that’s not my penis. I was just holding it for a friend.
kassemg via Twitter

(coworker yelling)
You don’t steal a fat girl’s cookies. Especially when she’s stressed out!
Oh honey I know, I learned the hard way.

I bet she doesn’t give him any pussy for at least a month after this.
commenter bitch PLEASE – Katy Perry is an Angel of the Morning (Superficial)

Who fellates cotton candy?
I know a few people Anthony F. Coleman

Girl at the gay club was crying in the corner and when we asked if she was ok she said, “My husband is making out with a guy on the stage.”
Nanooboy via Twitter

Wouldn’t you know it: I get the scanner again and the girl flirts as she selects me. Loves the tattoo on my stomach, she saw it as I lifted my belt.
Steve Pena getting molested by the TSA

I wonder how she’s gonna react the first time she sees us fuck. Is she gonna think daddy is hurting daddy?
Brent Everett gets a chihuahua

What do you call it when your mother’s sister stops blowing you right before you’re about to ejaculate? Aunticlimactic!
The Fat Jew via Twitter

Stripped by Christina Aguilera is the best CD to listen to when you get high.
It’s pretty good sober too ralphfv

Why are some of these southern boys cute but not too bright?
You tell me Kevin

If someone says “no homo,” is that offensive towards gay people?
You’ve got to be kidding me Reggie Bush!

The Wikileaks situation is now firmly centered in personalities rather than issues like everything else in our inch-deep culture.
Dave Goodchild via Twitter

Suicide is a way of telling God, “You can’t fire me, I quit.”
jsmith189 via Twitter

Chris Brown needs a mentor, or a MADE coach or something.
Urban Prince via Twitter

Maybe you’ll work harder if I start ignoring you again.
Derrick L. Briggs may be on to something

Politics is like a relationship with a man. You don’t give him all your time, all your money and all your support and ask for nothing in return.
Rod McCullom via Twitter

It is difficult to establish equality at a systemic level when internalized inequality is embedded in collective consciousness.
Cynthia Ryals via Twitter

Fake friends are like shadows, always near you at your brightest moments, but nowhere to be seen at your darkest hour.
yung_freshh via Twitter

Hey I have an idea: How about for 2011 we do what we actually say? Just a thought!
Michael Miles via Twitter

The more you know, the more you don’t care.
ShawnQT via Twitter

Honestly, I just need to marry rich, get a G650, take a couple years and see the world.
Mr. Jones via Twitter

Good guys deserve a break too.
Amen Trent Jackson

Quotes of the Week – Ending 12.5.10

I eat pussy with a spoon so I don’t get my hands dirty.
Quez B. via Twitter

You ever met somebody and just knew they would turn out to be a video ho?
Mr. Jones via Twitter
(every time I go to Jamaica, Queens!)

gay tupperware

I haven’t shopped in three days. I don’t even know who I am anymore.
White Girls Problems via Twitter

Angelo won $10K! Did he ever finish paying off that mail-order bride?
Karsh readying his A-game sarcasm for Top Chef All Stars

What makes you happy?
Head and payday, ideally together!
SexAndBrickCity via Formspring

Like present-day gay men, “clubbing” was essential to the sexual advancement of cave men.
womp womp Jeremy

I get excited when a sexy hood nigga checks me out. Then I get really scared this sexy hood nigga is checking me out! ::hides iPhone::
ShawnQT via Twitter

Sex appeal is fifty percent what you’ve got and fifty percent what people think you’ve got.
Freaky Fact via Twitter

It’s common courtesy to warn [someone] if you’re loud during sex. Nobody’s trying to get evicted over a piece of ass.
Sigma Jackson via Twitter

I want to be a recording artist. I may have to make a deal with the devil, but look how well it worked for Rihanna.

Republicans are now suicide bombers for the ultra rich. Democrats keep bringing a knife to a gunfight.
Brandon David Wilson via Twitter

In a free society, we are supposed to know the truth. In a society where truth becomes treason, we are in big trouble.
WikiLeaks commentary by Ron Paul

Unreasonable people change the world. Be willing to be unreasonable, and you’ll make your own world a more beautiful and fulfilling place.
Ralph Marston via Twitter

The entrepreneurial spirit is about creativity, optimism, street smarts. In other words, playing MacGyver, but for business.
Tony Hsieh via Twitter

I work very hard to get paid to do absolutely nothing.

I hate the comfort zone. I don’t think anything that’s really creative can be done without danger and risk.
Julie Taymor

If there’s a singular responsibility that we have as authors, artists, intellectuals, journalists, etc. it is to expose new possibilities.
Marc Lamont Hill via Twitter

At the end of the day rhetoric ain’t blocking no bullets or silencing any hunger pains.
Buddha Tutentkhamen via Twitter

Love is always in the air. Not everyone is brave enough to inhale it.
Life dictionary via Twitter

We all have obligations but being unhappy isn’t necessarily part of life and it damn sure ain’t in none of our job descriptions.
Chad Ochocinco via Twitter

Sometimes we just fall in love with lies.
Cornel West via Twitter

Can people really see themselves as they are? or only the person they think they are?
Alicia Keys with a good question

People who are wrong never want to argue.
D0wJ0nEs via Twitter

Relationships aren’t complicated. People just make them that way. Particularly when they are with the wrong person.
Tyme White via Twitter

I’d rather be lonely than to wake up one day and have a bunch of fake ass bitches with motive around me.
Trent Jackson via Twitter

As long as you remain true to who you are, no one can use you against you.
Queer Kid of Color via Twitter

Playtime is over.
Derrick L. Briggs via Twitter

When you make a choice, you change the future.
Deepak Chopra via Twitter

Quotes of the Week – Ending 6.13.10

Puerto Ricans are all about reproduction.
Lt. Col YoYo via Twitter

How do you get over being “over it”?
ShawnQT via Twitter

A boyfriend is what you make it.
Jake Jacobs VI: Love, Lust & Queers – I Don’t Wanna Date I Just Wanna Fu&%k

But for a generation with more options than ever before, how do you choose when you’ve been taught you can have it all?
Why Are You Single? Perhaps It’s The Choice Effect Continue reading Quotes of the Week – Ending 6.13.10

Quotes of the Week – Ending 5.16.10

It’s never too early for eye candy.
Joaquin Aragones via Twitter

I love a good naked picture. But don’t think I ain’t gonna show my friends!
Dating 101 (Jared Schuler)

From the train, passed a large warehouse: “Gentleman’s Club” on one side, “Plumbing Supplies” on the other. Solutions to the same problem?
Amy Brenneman via Twitter

Its hotter then a demon seed’s pussy!
ShawnQt via Twitter

When I walked in this morning to the office I must’ve given the illusion that I give a damn.
Damier via Twitter

I totally disagree with the statement “Never trust a big butt and a smile.”
Trent Jackson via Twitter

People are so used to being hurt, they grow to like it and anything that will bring them happiness, they run from it.
perfectboiyae via Twitter

Black people never need therapy, they just need more jesus. Thus the ignorance regarding mental health continues.
skuzemewoods via Twitter

Anyone of any race, gender, orientation, era, or class can break barriers. But, being a black female entertainer during a tumultuous time in an American history and not ending in tragedy like many others (Josephine Baker, Dorothy Daindridge, Billie Holiday)… that is a legend.
Lena Horne Passes Away at 92 (Clay Cane)

But once we stop laughing, we must remember that culture wars are called wars for a reason. For all the farcical shenanigans they can generate, they do inflict real casualties.
A Heaven-Sent Rent Boy (The New York Times)

“All these years” is never a reason to stay in a relationship, job or ‘situation’ that is no longer fruitful or beneficial to your life.
Xem VanAdams via Twitter

People would rather be miserable than labeled. So people die. And they will continue dying. Until something changes.
basseyworld via Twitter

As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say, I just watch what they do.
Andrew Carnegie

Quotes of the Week – Ending 4.25.10

It smell like weed and ass in here. You need to do better.
Get out.
via Mr. Jones

I wanna see the Glee episode of Madonna!
ralphfv via Twitter
(His dyslexia/non English sentence construction is so cute)

I can’t wait til Justin Bieber starts shooting coke and ruins his image.
Urban Prince via Twitter

Avoid using masculine pronouns in sentences where the subject’s gender is not specified. Broads find it offensive.
FakeAPStylebook via Twitter

You don’t understand how important it is to have a boyfriend with a pretty dick. I mean it’s really important!
ShawnQt via Twitter

From what I see in the world, no one wants “relationships” anymore. Everyone wants RELATIONS.
iFashionMUSE via Twitter

I wanted to tell him to kiss my high yellow ass. And savor the sazon season used to create it.
DaviesGravey via Twitter

Anderson Cooper’s laugh is that of a nerd. But he looks like he’d be a wild man in bed.
Patrik-Ian Polk via Twitter
(Any fan of The Mole could have told you that years ago!)

Hey asshole, nice job with the passive aggressiveness, but who do you think you’re talking to? I’m from Los Angeles; nobody does passive-aggressive like we do!
How I went from Apple store newbie to lifetime ban in one week (Protocol Snow)

Look, this is Manhattan: Neighborhoods change, neighborhoods become yuppie. I don’t feel I’m doing anything criminal by living here. I don’t know, maybe I’m being naïve. It doesn’t feel like an issue to me, but maybe that’s ’cause I’m on the good end of it.
When Hipsters Move in on Chinese: It’s Ugly (Village Voice)

Ladies, grow a brain. If the man is interested in barebacking you, chances are decent that he’s barebacked others, been barebacked himself or engaged in other risky behaviors.
Heterosexuals do most of the barebacking in New York City (Pam’s House Blend)

In the US, today’s xenophobic understanding of immigration makes the words “immigrant,” “illegal alien,” and “Hispanic/Latino” interchangeable.
It’s Open Hunting Season For Brown People In Arizona (Eric Anthony Grollman)

Given this remarkably messy history, the problem with reparations may not be so much whether they are a good idea or deciding who would get them; the larger question just might be from whom they would be extracted.
Ending the Slavery Blame-Game (Henry Louis Gates Jr.)

Love is just an intense desire to be desired!
Rev Run via Twitter

I’m just going to need everyone to start making smarter decisions and to take responsibility for their actions.

Talent gets you in the door, but character keeps you in the room…
Reggie Bush via Twitter

Quotes of the Week – Ending 4.18.10

How are you supposed to help the kids if you haven’t been a ho before?
Derrick L. Briggs via livestream

What would you have me do? The girl wants pussy and we’re going to G Lounge. I can only work so many miracles in a day!

Good dick will make you lose your mind. Good ass will make you kill somebody.
Ryan Drake

Tops are like politicians: finding a good one that knows what he’s doing is a rarity.
Jared Shanklin via Twitter

Awwww, life’s not fair. That’s why condoms come in different sizes.
Makael McLendon via Twitter

Ass eating is the new tongue kissing.

Alex, what’s the key to making money here? Is it a double-jointed asshole? Foreskin that you can french braid? What is it? What’s the secret?
Beauty and the Meat

People get really wrapped up in their minds about people who are queer-identified or trans-identified. It doesn’t have to be that big of a deal. Correction, it isn’t that big of a deal.
I am transgender, and I want my voice to be heard (CNN)

Now see if I cuss the mothafucka out for calling me fat booty then I’m the bitch.
Jasmyne Cannick via Twitter

You can’t quote Tupac, and then turn around and quote RuPaul!!
Urban Prince via twitter

I wanna go see How to Tame A Dragon.
Why, you already know how to tame my dragon.
Hehe, do I?
Guys, PLEASE stop.

Creativity requires a mind, and a herd has none.
Non-Apple’s Mistake (Loper OS)

Loving someone is easy. To really like them and love them is a whole other thing.
Ramona Singer via Twitter

I don’t understand why people (mostly blacks) make sure their child ain’t gay, but don’t tell them to stay away from violence and drugs.
Denim Javon Morrison via Twitter

The courage to love truth is one of the preconditions to thinking critically.
Cornel West via Twitter

Ryan Phillipe’s hosting SNL tonight? Ummm, why? He ain’t had a hit movie in…wait has he EVER had a hit movie?
The last hit Ryan was ever in was Reese [Whiterspoon].
Twitter shenanigans

Being a gay man with a foot half in and out of the closet is tough; the games it plays with your mind – and more importantly, your heart – are hard to put into words…
Jumping in the deep end (Former Australian Olympic Swimmer Daniel Kowalski)

Criticizing Lady Gaga to her fanatics is like trying to convince a Christian that evolution exists.
Ruben via Twitter

Greatest gift: the ability to make yourself happy from inward.
ShawnQT via Twitter

By focusing on relatively harmless fashion trends, we effectively sidestep the issues that truly undermine the life chances of our youth…If we truly worry about the futures of our children, we should stop judging their clothes and take a good look at ourselves.
Sagging pants: Hip-hop fashion trend or prison culture? (Marc Lamont Hill)

Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.
Tamia via Twitter

Infatuation is the new love. And love is the new desperate.
Queer Kid of Color via Twitter

I realized earlier you have to love some people from a distance.
Candy Moore via Twitter

One day, your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching.
Xem VanAdams via Twitter