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Quotes of the Week: Time Flies When You’re Having Fun (Redux)


Don’t impregnate chicks that know your Twitter handle.
etfp via Twitter

I’ve met the man of my dreams and he’s an asshole. Plan B?
OKcupid profile

Los Angeles is a lot like Mean Girls. Just without an “off” button. Not that you’d want to turn off Mean Girls
Davey Wavey via his Facebook

It’s hard staying in beast mode when you’re in a lavender onesie.
hands down one of the best seasons of Big Brother in recent years.

Renounce that hair.
commenter Chuck Hoover – Antoine Dodson Renounces Homosexuality: Announces On Twitter, Facebook (ajaxx63 Facebook)

Her hearing fucked up her equilibrium. She was off balance. Shout out to sign language.
commenter jam – Foxy Brown Takes a Tumble (Straight From the A)

Perhaps I’m just ignorant of burglarizing methods, but does being shirtless aid in the process?
He was going for the natural, organic burglar look.
Man Hogties Burglar and Leaves Him in Yard for Police, Goes to Work (Gawker)

GREAT Rapid Fire but Pluto isn’t a planet anymore 🙁
dariusd2003 with the fine print (ADTV)

I hope ABC treats Joss [Whedon] better than FOX did.
How could they treat him any worse?
‘S.H.I.E.L.D’ gets shiny logo (EW)

Realest walk ever: from 125th & Lexington to 122th & Lex. Shit’s a parade of woes…hurts my feelings.
Walking thru broken dreams.
NYC: the land of aspirations destroyed

Someone tell Jay Z to give out a million fucking books for free.
Cosign with Charles Wade

I’m glad I was a square in my twenties.
Crissle West via Twitter

The truth is this: in a white supremacist world, black people cannot survive without ego. You ‘must’ be your own biggest fan.
Spectra Speaks (Kanye West)

You can’t change the people around you, but you can choose the people around you.
Stevie Mackey via Twitter

Quotes of the Week: Love After War

Grumpy cat cookies by Whippedbakeshop

Don’t come here on Valentine’s Day and not blow me. That’ll get you sent home early.
Mr. Jones had trouble with his Valentine

(to gypsy co-worker)
How do I get pregnant?
(sighs) When you have sex with your legs up in the air like I told you before!

Ladies, on a scale from 1-10. How mad would y’all be?
Waiting to Exhale mad.
Valentine’s at McDonalds

Wiz Khalifa is a new STD in Persia.
Feminista Jones via Twitter

We’ve all been there.
commenter Bre Monteith – Man Arrested For Hitting His Boyfriend With A Plate Because He Listens To Too Much Alanis Morissette (BuzzFeed)

So it would appear that weatherman are not exempt from the male tendency to overestimate inches.
Lauren Bans wasn’t impressed with Nemo

Uh… a threesome is two girls and one dude. Two dudes and one girl is a train.
A train wreck apparently!
Man Stabbed When He Refused To Change Positions During Threesome (NewsOne)

All the black celebrities are in Houston this weekend for the NBA All-Star Game. I’m missing my chance to bottom for Chris Brown.
Mason Wyler via Twitter

I just got my straight bro friend to say “hunty.” My work here is done.
Take the rest of the weekend off. You earned it.
Each one teach one Saeed Jones

If you’re having period problems I feel sorry for you son. Cause I got 99 tampons cause a bitch ate one.
commenter obbsessedwithbass (lohanthony)

$9.00 a hour will barely lift you out of a New York City subway let alone poverty.
Blaq_Majik scoffs at the proposed minimum wage

Django was the closest you 90’s babies will get to receiving Black History.
Charlamagne Tha God via Twitter

When Lil Wayne compares Emmett Till’s face to a woman’s vagina, it’s time to go to war.
Dr. Boyce Watkins

(At Macy’s by the new Trukfit display)
Black girl: OMG, Lil Wayne has a clothing line? This looks like clown clothes. Who would buy this?!
Black boy: White people. White people love this shit.

Mainstream gay culture privileges the White narrative, and it does so at the expense of its own legitimacy.
Todd Clayton – Gay Will Never Be The New Black: What James Baldwin Taught Me About My White Privilege

In the digital age, voices aren’t “missing”, they’re ignored. Media outlets don’t have anymore excuses for not publishing diverse voices.
Spectra Speaks

One option was to lay down and die. The other was to get up and thrive. I chose to thrive!
Jamar Rogers