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Quotes of the Week: Digging Deep


picture at Gawker

Isn’t the point of having an affair is that you can pour champagne down someone’s ass and then drink it?
good question BeyoncesNoPantsDance

Christina that shit!
So mad I know what he meant and I didn’t even watch Eurovision.

What was Play-Doh thinking?
That mommy needs playtime too.

Do you like waffles or pancakes?
Cakes. Always.
Jussie trolling his female fan base.

Who has dated a Puerto Rican man? Let’s share stories.
The replies!!

Cheryl Lynn and Anita [Baker] beefing is like your auntie’s spades game gone wrong and someone stood up.

I have encountered 10x more racism in the gay porn industry than in real life. From the models all the way to the studios. I’m tired of it.
Diesel Washington would be a great interview.

I don’t think people know what to do with a black girl who is free and a father who is fostering, rather than stifling, that freedom.
What If We Were Free?: Riley Curry and Blackgirl Freedom (Crunk Feminist Collective)

Music, like sex, can transport you.
cosign with Terry McMillan

Two passionate souls under the moon.
We can dance my love, under the heavens above, watch our world shed away to a brand new one. A new design that is faithful and true. A new life to share, a balance of me and you.
Something Beautiful

We don’t need me-too, we need new and different. And unless you’re gonna do new and different, stay where you are.
ReCode To Vox (The Leftsetz Letter)

Every place you are in can teach u something. Now if you want to learn it is another thing entirely.
Yolo Akili

For the first time in a long time, I don’t know what’s next. This should be interesting!
Marcus Bellamy

Quotes of the Week: This Just Can’t Be Summer Love


If y’all don’t hear from me it’s because I died after seeing.
Gary loses another friend to Black Twitter coonery

Who’s been watching Project Runway and can explain why this Asian man’s hair is so nappy????
Pepper Ann has questions

I’m a hoe on Twitter and Twitter only!
Me too Houston Freak!

Legitimate Rape is trending….Not cool bro… What did Kobe do this time?

No caffeine, just meth.
Kate Walsh: breakfast of champions

After the Olympics ends I’m going to have to find a whole new set of teenagers to jerk off to.
The first week was terrible Michael Ian Black

I don’t see why the last day of the Olympics shouldn’t be all the gold medalists playing dodgeball till we have an ultimate champion.
Frankie Boyle via Twitter

What’s the difference between an Olympic event and sex? In sex, having the fastest time won’t win you a medal.
A friendly reminder from Dr. Ruth

Police are killing Black children with impunity and a girls hair is trending on Twitter.
Occupy the Hood sick of y’all talking smack about Gabby Douglas

Give me “Magic Mike: The Wood” edition. I would drop money on Omar Epps, Taye Diggs and Richard T. Jones #justsaying
Jeremy via Twitter

“Madea’s Black Magic Mike,” coming 2013
Cord Jefferson via Twitter (ask and ye shall receive!)

Ridiculously fun weekend at Disneyland. Cannot BELIEVE I’d never done the Tiki Room before. Would be better with lap dancers, tho.
Amy Brenneman is my kind of girl

I’m only stripping to put myself through therapy.
Megan Amram via Twitter

(Hysterically yelling) Anthony you’re not allowed to date a 19-year old. I already have four friends dating teenagers, I can’t take any more!

Anderson Cooper’s a Vanderbilt. He didn’t come out of the closet, he came out of an antique armoire made from rare Southeast Asian agarwood.
Adam Carl via Twitter

On a serious note though, who the HELL would still go to Eddie Long’s church?! He steals money, molests kids… And those damn hair pieces!!
Marc. Lamont Hill has questions too

“Protecting the sanctity of marriage” sounds an awful lot like “Keeping the races pure.”
Johnny Polygon via Twitter

I just had to tell my coworker that I can hear her telephone convo re: her vaginal itch and that if I can hear it, then others can, too. SMH
Just another day at the office for Mr. Jones

Koochie Kardashian was able to build a mini empire, birth a brand & popularized the barrel curl. What has your koochie done for you lately?
Roberts_Rules via Twitter

Certain people thought they were ‘so cool’ in middle school & now they’re here at the grocery store pushing carts for dollar tips. Exactly.
Xem Van Adams reminding everyone it’s a marathon not a sprint

Good dick is easy to find. Finding good, healthy dick is the difficult thing.
Wes via Twitter (the struggle continues)

Sidenote: Ricki Lake better bring back that doorbell on her new show.
Karsh via Twitter (Cosign!)

NYC weather to its residents today: fuck your hair. fuck your armpits. fuck your butt crack. i’m fuckin up all your shit today #mwahahaha
baratunde via Twitter (brutal summer)

Sometimes, you don’t know who you live next to. And sometimes, who you’re even married to.
Terry McMillan would know!

Quotes of the Week – Ending 11.14.10

Dick changes people.
D0wJ0nEs via Twitter

Joe Jackson looks like Fat Cat from Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers.
Karsh via Twitter

I’m kind of scared of how I know every single line of The Golden Girls.
ralphfv via Twitter

We still categorize music by race?…wow
Urban Prince via Twitter

How does one pronounce “Sbarro”?
gabebondoc with a good question

Do these kids do anything other than sing and f*ck?
Patrik-Ian Polk new to Glee

What’s the gayest thing you’ve ever done?
My boyfriend.
womp womp Davey Wavey

Voting for politicians who were born wealthy because you “like their morals” is what has been fucking America into the ground.
Mike Rundle via Twitter

Four Loko is like the new HIV/AIDS or crack: put into minority communities to kill people off…and you dumb asses are falling for it.
blacksocialite via Twitter

Not to minimize bullying, but every black child has been bullied for centuries in this country thru racism. Why no attention to that?
Dr. David Hampton with a good point

Hip hop has become a primary means by which we talk about race in the United States.
Tricia Rose via Twitter
(which is not good imo)

Just because someone has a Ph.D. does not mean they speak truth to power, nor does that mean a commitment to those who suffer.
Vernon Mitchell Jr. via Twitter

tell us how you really feel Ryan Drake

Sometimes I wish I could forget all self value and just be a ho.
Daboisnick via Twitter

I don’t have Ex’s. I have Y’s. Y the hell did I do that?
Kingnoah3000 via Twitter

What you object to reflects what you value.
Jessie Daniels via Twitter

Learning to exercise patience and discipline. Sometimes being still for a moment can prevent major mistakes.
Marc Lamont Hill via Twitter

We don’t live in a society where it is okay to be yourself and have others be happy with it. Live your truth, and f*ck the opinions of others.
Derrick L. Briggs via Twitter

People spend too much time worrying about what other people think of them. Just live. Just be great. Your beauty will shine thru.
Stephanie Alva via Twitter

You have to recognize and acknowledge your wounds before you can begin to heal them.
Terry McMillan via Twitter

I love men who can make me laugh. You won’t meet too many. Believe me!
Xem VanAdams via Twitter

You know you really love someone when you don’t hate them for breaking your heart.
Jaimee via Twitter

Love forces you to deal with the funk. This is why many of us are afraid of love.
Cornel West via Twitter

Quotes of the Week – Ending 10.24.10

This week in niggerdom provided by Mr. Jones

If the internet could give me a blowjob, I would never leave the house.
OutbackZack via Twitter

Do bottoms ever have performance anxiety?
Sex and the Brick City via Twitter

I’ll suck a sick dick for some new Beyonce music.
Brian_Bee via Twitter

I know R. Kelly can’t wait to piss on Willow [Smith].
Brian_Bee via Twitter
(inappropriate two for two!)

This customs officer is fine! Should’ve brought something illegal so he could cuff me.
How YOU doin Lonnell Williams!

Can I now enlist in the navy in drag??
DaviesGravey confused about DADT

Why is my high school principal in the club?
D0wJ0nEs via Twitter

Once you go Spanish, the Black will vanish.
ralphfv via Twitter

Notice how the Bishop Eddie Long scandal came and went?
Kevin Simmons via Twitter

I’ve realized that you can get black people to believe anything as long as you put “God” in it.
Almighty Debt (Black in America 3) commentary by Truth

America feels like an unhealthy place to live right now.
Terry McMillan via Twitter

What they call a “gay agenda,” we call our lives.
Queer Kid of Color via Twitter

Watching a marathon of “locked up abroad,” aka “my privilege totally failed me this time.”
Flask Gordon via Twitter

Parenting is the ultimate nonmarket activity in a market-driven society.
Cornel West via Twitter

I need to stop texting my ex-boyfriend’s mom.
White Girl Problems via Twitter

Your first love always seems perfect, until you meet your second.
Relationship101 via Twitter

Just remember, I cared when nobody else gave a fuck.
Relationship Advice via Twitter

Ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s expensive.
Trent Jackson via Twitter

Your childhood dreams are always tales of glory; reality is a lot messier and more dramatic.
Sean Parker – With a Little Help From His Friends (Vanity Fair)

Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.
Vincent Van Gogh

Quotes of the Week – Ending 10.3.10

I hate when Asians play dumb.
Urban Prince via Twitter

Oh hell nawww!

comment below if you think he’s sexy, if not
…then FUCK YOU!
1on1 with Adam Irby (YoBoiNewnue)

I saw the devil last night and it was good. everyone should go see it!!!
ralphfv via Twitter
(I think he meant the movie Devil…lol)

I’ll be your bad friend, but I refuse to be your fat friend.
White Girl Problems via Twitter

A ugly girl will fuck the shit out of your man when you’re not looking.
ImInappropriate via Twitter

If I meet one more bottom that pees siting down…
D0wJ0nEs via Twitter

I love dribbling…not down my chin, but with the ball.
basketball humor courtesy of John Amaechi

Terry McMillan’s gaydar is the beta version.
PrettyBrownGirl via Twitter

It’s stupid ass DL/married dudes that are giving us garden variety gays a bad name.
Patrik-Ian Polk via Twitter

A paper cut is a tree’s last revenge.
PeterGriffinn via Twitter

Sarah Palin is sitting stage right. Lady, let go of your politics for one night already!
Dancing with the Stars commentary by Erik

In anticipation of gay days, Disneyland renames ride to Butt Pirates of the Caribbean.
Jeremy via Twitter

Treat your website like your pussy…it needs to smell fresh an do more tricks than the next bish.
Kitty Bradshaw via Twitter

Organized religion: Where misogyny, homophobia, sexual predation, hatred, exclusion, hypocrisy, and civil unrest happen.
Mr. Jones via Twitter

People are bombarded with misinformation day in and day out.
Cornel West via Twitter

Knowing that I’m crazy keeps me sane.
Scrivs via Twitter

There comes a point in your life when you realize who really matters, who never did, and who always will.
The Quote Whore via Twitter

You can have it all. Just not all at once.

Quotes of the Week – Ending 8.22.10

We need an open source project to reboot this whole fucking mess. Call it “Humanity 2.0.”
Shoq Value via Twitter

Michelle Obama and Sigourney Weaver are the same person.
hallehberreh via Twitter

I wish Whitney Houston was tweeting during the hardcore crack days.
RexHennessey via Twitter

My asshole is tired of being raped by white privilege!

To most Christians, the Bible is like a software license. Nobody actually reads it. They just scroll to the bottom and click “I agree.”
almightygod via Twitter

Are you gonna control that boyfriend of yours so he doesn’t cum in my hair again?
He’s been saving his load.
Brent Everett shenanigans

I don’t have a passcode on my iPhone, because if someone else has it, they took it from my cold dead hands.
Mark Dagon Hughes via Twitter

If only the [Project Runway] designers were as good with sewing as they are reading each other.
Karsh via Twitter

I’m walking to go get lunch and this random guy asked me if I watch straight porn. WTF kinda society we living in?
Queer Kid of Color via Twitter

Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?
Amber Rose via Twitter

In America, sex is an obsession. In other parts of the world, it’s a fact.
Marlene Dietrich

In 2004, Republicans ran against gays getting married. Now it seems they’ve moved on. The new scare tactics focus on Muslims and Mexicans.
Keith Boykin via Twitter

American democracy can’t afford to lose another generation.
Cornel West via Twitter

The greatest public health threat for many American women is the men they live with.
Anna Quindlen

It’s the idea of you that I miss. Not you as the person you really are.
alcoholharmony via Twitter

As the bumper sticker says, if I’m not part of the solution, I’m part of the problem. I don’t want to be part of the problem any more, and I think I will sleep better knowing that I am no longer contributing to an academic job market that bears an uncomfortable resemblance to a Ponzi scheme on the verge of falling apart.
Monica J. Harris – Stop Admitting Ph.D. Students (Inside Higher Ed)

Writing, like crying, is a great way to acknowledge and face pain, and not just yours.
Terry McMillan via Twitter

An injustice to one is an injustice to all. And it isn’t about “tolerance.” People are not to be tolerated, people are to be accepted.
Amerie via Twitter

I’ve never noticed how beautiful silence can be.
Ryan Drake via Twitter

Rediscovering music is giving me my life back.
Trent Jackson via Twitter

You’ve got to love the actual sweat, more than the lights and the glamor.
Bette Davis

Brick walls are there for a reason. They let you know how badly you want things.
Randy Pausch

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take, relationships we were afraid to have and the decisions we waited too long to make.
JuztDevious via Twitter

The answers are inside, if you’re not afraid to look.
C. Jay Conrod via Twitter

You can’t make someone give a fuck.
Urban Prince via Twitter

Quotes of the Week – Ending 8.15.10

See, that’s the only reason I’d get married. So that someone could take my name, and essentially be my property. I mean, if I don’t own my mate, there’s no point to having one. I want ownership rights. That and someone to do shit I don’t want to do, like fetch me drinks, cook, clean and do the laundry.
commenter Tank – Portia De Rossi To Take Ellen Degeneres’ Name (Towleroad)

I’ve never met a DL lesbian.
Urban Prince via Twitter
(me neither!)

If you’re fat you have to be funny! People only like unhappy fat people on TLC specials.
D0wJ0nEs via Twitter

So it’s OK to talk about the clitoris but not about Bethany Getting Married?!
omniphiliac and family at a restaurant

The next person who retweets Arsenio friggin Hall in my timeline gets unfollowed.
Patrik-Ian Polk via Twitter

I like Wyclef a lot – but he couldn’t get the Fugees back together — how can he get Haiti together?
Clay Cane via Twitter

(watching The Dorothy Dandridge movie)
Yeah, Halle was really great in this. I can see how she got the role over Janet [Jackson].
Who do you think will play Janet in her life movie?
(scoffs) As long as it’s not Ashanti!

Y’all say real men don’t hit women…well classy women shouldn’t throw punches.
TheWorldofKevin via Twitter

Erudition, scholarship, & academia are three layers of knowledge analogue to love, marriage, & prostitution.
Nassim Taleb via Twitter

Love will make you forget time, and time will make you forget love.
DeAndre via Twitter

If your mind says no and your heart says yes, I would listen to my mind.
Terry McMillan via Twitter

I hate being the bad guy. Unfortunately, I’m really good at it.
Karsh via Twitter

Eventually you’ll get to the point where you just don’t have time to be bothered with the people and things that cripple, hinder and enable complacency in your life.
Trent Jackson – Letting Go, Loving Yourself…The Daily Dose

Something tells me I know the answers to all my questions but I want an alternative ending.
Blueyedsimba via Twitter

Quotes of the Week – Ending 8.1.10

Lesbians are so dramatic.
Queer Kid of Color via Twitter

Why do I feel like Terrell Owens and Chad Ococinco had sex before? Why do I feel like T.O. was the top?
Reggie via Twitter

Nick Cannon is somewhere laughing at Christina Milan.
BrunoMarti via Twitter

If you start referring to first dates as ‘suicide missions’ you will generally be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.
Jack Mackenroth via Twitter

When people say they’re looking for friends what they really mean is “I’m looking for friends, but if you sexy I’ll probably fuck you too.”
Blueyedsimba via Twitter

Sex is an art form. It’s not about being a power bottom or top, it’s about learning what your [partner] likes and delivering it like a pro.
Random Phantom via Twitter

(catching up with an old friend)
Do you have a boyfriend now?
When was the last time you had one?
Officially? Never.
…so just dates?
Nah, just anticlimactic blowjobs.
Any from Chinese guys?
I wanna rape my roomie’s cousin, he has a nice ass.
Is he gay?
Who cares?!

A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week.
George S. Patton

My body is a temple and not everyone can worship there.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
Marianne Williamson

Let’s not deodorize the dialogue on race, let’s allow some funk to come to the surface.
Cornet West via Twitter

Our insistence on being ironic, cute, or lazy when talking about race makes it much harder to engage with the very serious ways in which race figures into our lives. We’re wasting time, column space, and precious bandwidth. And, unfortunately, the post-racial idea is an excuse for many who are disingenuous, or worse, to ignore these facts and argue there’s no more racism to address. For them, post-racialism is merely a cudgel used to quiet those who insist that America deliver on its promise of equality for all its citizens.
Burying “Post-Racial” (The American Prospect)

I get annoyed when people ask for my opinion then get mad when I tell it like it is.
luvcee via Twitter

If you don’t care why should I?
Trent Jackson via Twitter

Trying to repair what’s already been broken by poor choices and selfishness, yet I’m supposed to be understanding?
Crystal Ward via Twitter

Some of the most attractive guys come with some of the ugliest baggage.
Xem VanAdams via Twitter

Some people bless your life by coming into it and some people bless your life by leaving it.
Devious Aga via Twitter

Give everything you do everything you’ve got. The result isn’t the point.
Terry McMillan via Twitter

New York City is definitely not a “love” city, but it’s a great city to be in love.
Jared Shuler via Twitter

Quotes of the Week – Ending 5.9.10

…I’m sayin. Freud was coked out a good chunk of his life, but the man was on to something!

Some folks will do anything to get attention. And then can’t back it up.
Terry McMillan via Twitter

Pretty or intellect!?! Cause clearly I have to choose tonight!
soulforce84 via Twitter

When Belly came out, I remember thinking it was the best movie ever. It’s on BET right now and I see I lacked perspective in 1998.
Mr. Jones via Twitter

Chris Brown sang the National Anthem at the Mayweather-Mosley fight? That’s like Michael Vick opening the Westminster Dog Show.
Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

I wanna leave [the gym] soaking wet like a bottom at Sizzle!
Michael Anthony Miles via Twitter

And is it me, or does she look like a less glammed-up Julie from Desperate Housewives?
Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Niece Gets Government Assistance (Prune Juice Media)

Some women are so stupid, if a man wants to see his son LET HIM YOU DUMB BITCH! Most men don’t.
Ryan Drake via Twitter

My last job has gained me several hood ass straight male friends. “You mad cool son, because you don’t be tryna rape me nigga.”
Markie B. via Twitter

I just heard on the news “the suspect is described as a middle eastern, east indian or hispanic male.” Threateningly brown would have sufficed!
Richard Garcia via Twitter

You can always tell when Oprah doesn’t like someone. She stays smiling but her eyes will steal the breath from your pillow.
basseyworld via Twitter

What people say, what people do, and what people say they do are three entirely different things.
Blueyedsimba via Twitter

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.
H. Albright

I’m not so much into love. Love (except the love of God) is overrated. I’d much rather have mutual respect.
Adam Benjamin Irby via Twitter

Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved.
Barbra Johnson

If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.

Sometimes people confuse other things for love; like not wanting to be lonely, afraid or hurt.
Private Practice

Quotes of the Week – Ending 3.21.10

There’s this dog on my street that howls and woofs way too much. I’m reporting him to the local chinese resturant.
Mr. Jones via Twitter

If Rihanna was ugly…she would be sucking dick in stairwells for curry and shandy.
TheXDexperience via Twitter

I’m bout to get tatted up by Stevie Wonder…I heard he is a beast.
YD via Twitter

Losers cannot be comfortable around success.
Trent Jackson via Twitter

…complaining about the food at BBQs is like complaining about the articles in Playboy.

If you can wrap your legs around your neck there’s no reason you shouldn’t be getting paid.
Anthaknee Williams via Twitter

I don’t play token black dude so well sorry…
Darrell Bennett Jr. via Twitter

Sooooo, I’ve decided that people that sleep their way to the top work just as hard as anyone else.
Raafiq René J. via Twitter

Remember how porn in the 80s and 90s had soft relaxing music (elevator music)? Now the music is just aggressive.
Que Duong via Twitter

If I drop a piece of chicken on the ground and a pigeon comes by and swoops it up into its mouth, isn’t that like cannibalism?
Adam Benjamin Irby via Twitter

Ugh, I’m trapped in Queens.
In Queens or with Queens?

History repeats itself. First as tragedy, then as farce.
Marc Lamont Hill via Twitter

The average person in Honduras or Vietnam is expected to live longer than the average African-American in New Orleans.
Access, Access, Access (The New York Times)

If they never see you read, you can’t tell them. [It’s] like puffing on a cigarette and telling your kids not to smoke.
Terry McMillan via Twitter

Let Texas secede and create its own nation with no taxes, no services, no minorities and no evolution and leave the rest of us alone.
Keith Boykin via Twitter

If wealth was based on hard work, African-Americans would be the wealthiest people in our nation. It’s not about behavior. It’s about government policies. Who does the government help and who is it not helping?
Study finds median wealth for single black women at $5

The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.
Steve Biko