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When Comedians Become Medical Experts

(An open letter to Barbara Walters)

Dear Ms. Walters,

Hi, my name is Tony. I have a background in journalism, but have been doing social science based HIV/AIDS research for the last seven years (mainly concerning gay/bisexual men of color). Making sure accurate and current information about sexuality reaches the general public is so important to me I am pursuing a masters degree to supplement my media training. Continue reading When Comedians Become Medical Experts

The View Condones Molesting Married Men

I’m sorry I missed this.

Apparently LL Cool J was on The View a few weeks ago (to promote his clothing line I saw in Sears?) and the ladies of The View were completely touching him inappropriately!

What’s even more interesting is they made the interaction part of Hot Topics the next day and no one seems too remorseful about it.

That Sherri Shepherd has no shame!

Now you KNOW (as Whoopi’s question points out) if this was a bunch of men touching on a woman heads would fly. In corporate America, that would be grounds for a sexual harassment lawsuit.

The double standard is alive and well folks!