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Quotes of the Week – Ending 8.8.10

Being a top is no excuse for being a bore.
Random Phantom via Twitter

After watching all these episodes of Spongebob, I’ve come to the conclusion that Mr. Krabs is Jewish.
Urban Prince via Twitter

I definitely thought this woman singing on this Rick Ross song was Nina Simone. It was Cee-Lo.
Urban Prince as well (I couldn’t choose!)

You will NOT get along with everybody!
Rev Run via Twitter

Chris Brown needs to change it up a bit. To what? I don’t know, but something else. Ciara just needs to fill out a FAFSA.
B.Tiz via Twitter

Maybe I should whore around like everyone else…
Devon Corneil via Twitter

Subtlety is lost on those unable to appreciate it.
commenter EH – Clever Ads for Tivo (37signals)

To bankrupt a fool give him information.
Nassim Taleb via Twitter

Dear Arizona, your state used to be part of Mexico. If you are non-Mexican and non-indigenous, then you are the immigrant.
Prerna Lal via Twitter

Way to go, California Supreme Court! Gay couples should have the right to a 50 percent chance of getting divorced, too.
Chad via Twitter

Arnold [Schwarzenegger] being a political weather vane, he obviously thinks supporting gay marriage is good politics now, after vetoing it twice.
David Dayen via Twitter

It’s so sickening to think it’s 2010 and people still care that two guys can love each other.
Karlos Lopez via Twitter

History will remember the gay marriage thing the same way it does segregation.
Darian Aaron via Twitter

…you wouldn’t believe how many white girls I knew in school who honestly just did not think [HIV/AIDS] affected them at all. I know a woman in particular who is so sure she has AIDS at this point that she will NOT get tested, and she sleeps around like crazy.
commenter regazza_di_lupo – Cyndi Lauper & Lady Gaga Go Off Script, Discuss Safe Sex On GMA (Jezebel)

I like to be multi-contextual, which is much more important than being multicultural.
Cornel West via Twitter

The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.
Albert Einstein

Sometimes I worry about being a success in a mediocre world.
Betty Yelp via Twitter

I’ve come to the conclusion that no one has your best interest in mind…
Michael Miles via Twitter

My existence isn’t based on your validation.
Necole Bitchie via Twitter

The universe does my dirty work. Karma is a bitch.
Mr. Jones via Twitter

To want others to do the best they can for themselves, when they have done the best they can for you — this is intelligence.
Maya Angelou via Twitter

We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.
Charles Swindoll via Tim Ferriss

In this race, you have to pace yourself.
WhatsTheT via Twitter

There’s good and bad in everything… you get what you’re looking for.
Kanye West via Twitter

You can’t bring everyone to the new places you’re going.
Trent Jackson via Twitter

Quotes of the Week – Ending 6.13.10

Puerto Ricans are all about reproduction.
Lt. Col YoYo via Twitter

How do you get over being “over it”?
ShawnQT via Twitter

A boyfriend is what you make it.
Jake Jacobs VI: Love, Lust & Queers – I Don’t Wanna Date I Just Wanna Fu&%k

But for a generation with more options than ever before, how do you choose when you’ve been taught you can have it all?
Why Are You Single? Perhaps It’s The Choice Effect Continue reading Quotes of the Week – Ending 6.13.10

Quotes of the Week: Ending 11.15.09

aka the Oh snap! edition

Nigga, you ain’t got enough money to get a cellphone in your own name, how you gonna go rent a house?!

(my male friend talking about being cat called on the street)
I was like I’m 25, don’t do that to me…

You are the pot calling the kettle “Ne-Yo.”
Luvvie: Dear Donnie McClurkin

The lawsuit contained allegations of racist or sexist conduct at the paper, citing as one example a senior executive who, according to the lawsuit, often referred to Guzman as “Cha Cha #1.”
Ex-NY Post editor sues paper, claims racism, sexism

I’m gonna bang you tonight like a screen door in a tornado!
overheard by Marc Lamont Hill

I need a power bottom who does it ALL; cooks, caters, cums & cleans up.
Xem VanAdams via Twitter

(as soon as he turns around)
I can’t STAND him!
Les and Manny out in the city – Part 1

Never attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity – Hanlon’s Razor
(via Papa Ferriss)

Quotes of the Week – Ending 9.5.09

Drama Dupree via Twitter

In the absence of a vaccine for AIDS, education is the only vaccine we have.
Mark Richmond, Unesco’s global coordinator for HIV and AIDS and the director of the division that coordinates educational priorities

(driving past the local Latino dive bar looking at trade)
He’s drunk AND angry. Pull over!

If you want closure in your relationship, start with your legs!!!
Timothy Hunt via Twitter

[name withheld] is pregnant. It’s confirmed.
OMG, who’s the father?
::BIG sigh:: WELL…

Advertising is the tax you pay for being unremarkable.
Robert Stephens, founder of Geek Squad, acquired by Best Buy in 2002
Thanks Tim Ferriss!

Saying goodbye really isn’t as hard as people make it. Once you’re done, you’re done. Walk away. Never look back.
Tyme White via Twitter