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Quotes of the Week – Ending 12.26.10

Are you bad with people and hate money? Consider grad school!
Rob Delaney via Twitter

My Dad’s all “how’s that job search going?” and I’m all “stop yelling at me” and he’s all “calm down” and I’m all “bye.”
White Girl Problems via Twitter

You continuing to date strong minded men and not expecting to submit is like me continuing to date Puerto Ricans and not expecting a few tempers along the way.

Anyone know how to get eggnog out of a leopard-skin Speedo?
Conan O’Brien via Twitter
(warm water and lemon juice…don’t ask)

Listerine is gay abortion.
TheXDExperience via Twitter

Got an email from Netflix saying I returned a personal DVD instead of the DVD I rented. I hope it wasn’t porn…that would be embarrassing!
Yes it would Will McNair

My Spanish isn’t great so I can’t be 100% certain but I’m pretty sure I was just offered sex in exchange for a cup of coffee.
Adventures in Puerto Rico with Mr. Jones

If Robyn doesn’t win a Grammy there is no fucking justice in this world.
Amen ralphfv

I’ve never seen the show but this dude is YUMMY!
commenter Howdy Doody Report: Simon Baker Strikes $30 Million Deal with Warner Bros. (omg)

Who the fuck masturbates in the doggy style position?!
Hershey reviews Black Swan

Is that a banana in that guy’s pocket or is he just happy to see me?
womp womp Simon Dexter

The cunts work for Target and the trade work for Walmart.
WhatsTheT via Twitter
(true story)

I can’t wait for the holidays to be over so I can finally stop sucking my gut in.
Jeremy via Twitter

Can’t wait for Christmas to be over so I can go back to being mean.
Mike Huntington via Twitter
(that too)

If you can’t take two chorizos in your culo at one time then I can’t love you.
Juven breaking my heart

Some dudes should just keep their clothes off because that’s the only time they’re cute.
Justin with a good point

What’s this about people in line for Jordans? I bet some of the same people that were in line for those Section 8 spots.
my money’s on Gary

You know sometimes I really hate my community(s) for how brainwashed they are…so programmed to fit stereotypes.
Wa2 via Twitter

The battle is perennial; yet each of us in our time must fight.
Cornel West via Twitter

When you’re honest and live authentically, you live a lonely existence.
Trent Jackson telling it like it is

It’s hard to hide my disgust, but I’m working on it.
Urban Prince via Twitter
(me too)

My heart never had a hero.
Kevin Simmons via Twitter
(mine neither)

Fine line between masochist and optimist.
Julian via Twitter

It’s hard waiting for something that might never happen, but it’s harder to give up when you know it’s everything you want.

Quotes of the Week (Special Edition) – Bishop Eddie Long Sexual Coercion Lawsuit(s)


On Tuesday, two Georgia men sued megachurch pastor Eddie Long alleging he coerced them to have sexual relations. It hasn’t even been a full 36 hours and not only are the interwebs ablaze, but now a third lawsuit has been filed.

We’re going to keep a close eye on this story, but I wanted to give you all a snapshot of the conversation so far. I present to you a special Eddie Long edition of the Quotes of the Week:

I don’t know what happened, so I’m gonna say allegedly…Eddie Long had sex with some trade and the trade got upset!
Drama Dupree

Bishop Eddie Long Stroke is a Kappa! Enough said!
KlothezMinded via Twitter

The real reason why I’m movin to Atlanta next week is because I’m Eddie Long’s newest “spiritual son.” There I said it! A nigga tryin to get paid!
Adam Benjamin Irby via Twitter

i went on MediaTakeout…You saw how fine that boy was?!?! Yeah he sucked that cock.
commenter 9thwardtea getting in on the action

I hope Eddie Long didn’t manipulate John 12:14 to be gay. That scripture does state “When Jesus found a young ass he sat on it.”
Charlamagne Tha God via Twitter

Ask a member of the “original” New Birth what happened to the last pastor…and how Eddie Long got on. Do some research. (clutching pearls)
TheRealLuxe via Twitter

King James had sex with men and commissioned the Holy Bible. Why is [everyone] surprised by Eddie Long?
Mr. Jones via Twitter

How much interaction will the LongFellows have with Bishop Long?
Bishop Long loves mentoring and is very involved when his schedule permits. (my emphasis)
Long Fellow Youth Academy FAQ

Somebody in my family just said they wished Bishop Dick Tracey Long had “just cheated with some women.” I. QUIT. BLACK. AMERICA.
HypnotiqOne via Twitter

This Eddie Long scandal has the makings of an epic screenplay…the “Black Brokeback Mountian.” I see NAACP Image Awards people!
D0wJ0nEs via Twitter

Mark my words, this is going to turn into an episode of Law & Order: SVU!
Sir Daniel via Twitter

The news reports are salacious. I support you whether or not the accusations are true or not. If true, repent. I forgive you like God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. How do we forgive? We forgive, forget and move forward. Flesh cannot destroy the spirit. (also my emphasis)
Bonnie Campbell via Eddie Long’s Facebook

Shame on Eddie Long’s spokesperson. Jesus too hung out with folks who knew “the wrong side of the law.” He just didn’t coerce them into sex.
KT Jones via Twitter

Now clearly the claimants could be lying, exaggerating or just doing satan’s work, but the “appearance of impropriety” is in the details.
Star Jones via Twitter

The case is about Bishop Eddie Long but the situation is about “power”, “leaders”, and the “black community” that looks up to them.
Tron via Twitter

If this is not a clear indication to blacks everywhere that Christianity and religion can not save/protect you, I don’t know what is.
Trent Jackson via Twitter

What is it going to take for the black church to have an honest discussion about human sexuality? Another scandal?
Darian Aaron via Twitter

Disappointment is the difference between expectation and reality.
Bishop Eddie Long (himself) via Twitter

There will be more, fasten your seatbelts!
Rod McCullom via Twitter

Quotes of the Week – Ending 8.8.10

Being a top is no excuse for being a bore.
Random Phantom via Twitter

After watching all these episodes of Spongebob, I’ve come to the conclusion that Mr. Krabs is Jewish.
Urban Prince via Twitter

I definitely thought this woman singing on this Rick Ross song was Nina Simone. It was Cee-Lo.
Urban Prince as well (I couldn’t choose!)

You will NOT get along with everybody!
Rev Run via Twitter

Chris Brown needs to change it up a bit. To what? I don’t know, but something else. Ciara just needs to fill out a FAFSA.
B.Tiz via Twitter

Maybe I should whore around like everyone else…
Devon Corneil via Twitter

Subtlety is lost on those unable to appreciate it.
commenter EH – Clever Ads for Tivo (37signals)

To bankrupt a fool give him information.
Nassim Taleb via Twitter

Dear Arizona, your state used to be part of Mexico. If you are non-Mexican and non-indigenous, then you are the immigrant.
Prerna Lal via Twitter

Way to go, California Supreme Court! Gay couples should have the right to a 50 percent chance of getting divorced, too.
Chad via Twitter

Arnold [Schwarzenegger] being a political weather vane, he obviously thinks supporting gay marriage is good politics now, after vetoing it twice.
David Dayen via Twitter

It’s so sickening to think it’s 2010 and people still care that two guys can love each other.
Karlos Lopez via Twitter

History will remember the gay marriage thing the same way it does segregation.
Darian Aaron via Twitter

…you wouldn’t believe how many white girls I knew in school who honestly just did not think [HIV/AIDS] affected them at all. I know a woman in particular who is so sure she has AIDS at this point that she will NOT get tested, and she sleeps around like crazy.
commenter regazza_di_lupo – Cyndi Lauper & Lady Gaga Go Off Script, Discuss Safe Sex On GMA (Jezebel)

I like to be multi-contextual, which is much more important than being multicultural.
Cornel West via Twitter

The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.
Albert Einstein

Sometimes I worry about being a success in a mediocre world.
Betty Yelp via Twitter

I’ve come to the conclusion that no one has your best interest in mind…
Michael Miles via Twitter

My existence isn’t based on your validation.
Necole Bitchie via Twitter

The universe does my dirty work. Karma is a bitch.
Mr. Jones via Twitter

To want others to do the best they can for themselves, when they have done the best they can for you — this is intelligence.
Maya Angelou via Twitter

We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.
Charles Swindoll via Tim Ferriss

In this race, you have to pace yourself.
WhatsTheT via Twitter

There’s good and bad in everything… you get what you’re looking for.
Kanye West via Twitter

You can’t bring everyone to the new places you’re going.
Trent Jackson via Twitter

Quotes of the Week – Ending 7.18.10

Watching Mel Gibson in What Women Want. I don’t know, something about it just feels different now.
Bill Maher via Twitter

This woman has a very elaborate cold sore on her lip. I wonder who her pimp is.
Urban Prince via Twitter

I had a dream Destinys Child got back together. I was as happy as a nympho at an orgy!
SmurfSex via Twitter

The people that believe that QDoba is better than Chipotle are the same people that think OJ didn’t do it.
TheXDExperience via Twitter

Listening to FleshTone was like taking a bad ecstasy pill.
Karsh via Twitter
(Oh c’mon, it isn’t THAT bad! #TeamKelis)

Lmao….I just read in my timeline someone called The Dream “Teddy Graham.”
Trent Jackson via Twitter

I don’t think I’m difficult to date, I just don’t tolerate bullshit.
Daboisnick via Twitter

Black music is an artistic response to the psychic wounds and social scars of a despised people.
Cornel West via Twitter

If you watch a horror movie backwards it’s about a white couple that makes increasingly multicultural friends over the course of the film.
Scrivs via Twitter

Yeah, he got undressed and put on some Neo Soul.
(visibly upset) What?! WTF?! You don’t put on Maxwell and Jill Scott when you’re fucking a jump off. You put that shit on when you’re fucking your husband!

The YMCA has officially shortened it’s name to “The Y”. You know times are tough when letters are getting laid off.
Conan O’Brien via Twitter

Pretty people tend to bore me. I need to follow more ugly people with low self esteem who use comedy as a copping mechanism.
D0wJ0nEs via Twitter
(Get it?! It’s funny because…oh nevermind.)

Lowkey I would go to the Rihanna concert if somebody paid for my flight, hotel, concert ticket and an iPad to keep me entertained while I’m there.
WhatsTheT via Twitter

“Not standard police procedure”?
That’s Texas.
Those are Black men.
Those are White cops.
That’s about as “standard” as it gets down there.
commenter CitizenIndie: Police Brutality Video: Shocking Texas Incident Caught On Tape (Huffington Post)

There’s nothing that can’t be achieved through supreme sacrifice, dedication & focus. It’s NOT easy, but it’s sure as hell worth it.
Xem VanAdams via Twitter

Whatever you think, believe it!
Christina Milian via Twitter

You never know who’s using you until they get what they want and leave.
ilikejoaquin via Twitter

Sometimes in life you Etch-a Sketch a bitch and act like they never existed.
The Skorpion via Twitter

Things will be what they will be. Things revealed aren’t always new. Sometimes your eyes and time just change and code it as new.
soulforce84 via Twitter

In reality your friends can be your biggest enemy and your haters/enemies your biggest motivation.
JLyricSmith via Twitter

Life is like Toy Story 3, sometimes people just want to be played with.
Derrick L. Briggs via Twitter

Just because you’re passionate about something doesn’t mean you need to be there.
Queer Kid of Color via Twitter

At the end of the day, if you know something is bad for you and you continue to use it or do it, you can’t blame anyone but yourself!
JuztDevious via Twitter

Sometimes it’s a good idea to re-examine a situation and manage your expectations.
Patrik-Ian Polk via Twitter

Quotes of the Week – Ending 5.23.10

Well you gotta admit, sometimes the best way to preserve a marriage is to have a girlfriend on the side…
Family Values GOP Rep To Resign Over Affair (commenter tchamp77)

Delaware is like a cousin that you deal with only because you’re family.
Mr. Jones via Twitter

The blacker the berry, the worse the credit score.
Urban Prince via Twitter

(Observing young white sisters)
Don’t climb that ladder, I had a friend who climbed a fire escape once and she fell and broke her back.
Yeah, but she was drunk. You always fail to mention that part. When I was a kid she would always tell me not to climb ladders even before I started drinking.
WHATEVER! The point is if you fell off a ladder and hurt yourself I’d be sad, OK?

Laura Bush coming out for gay marriage! I guess if you’re married to W for 30 years you know you don’t have to be gay to have sex with an asshole.
Bill Maher via Twitter

Why does every young straight black guy think he can rap? I guess it’s the same reason every young gay black boy thinks he can model…
Adam Benjamin Irby via Twitter

Do you have sex like a ho? I know I do…its more fun.
Ryan Drake via Twitter

There are some very lonely & attention seeking people out here.
WhatsTheT via Twitter

Single carries a connotation of eligibility and possibility, while unmarried has that dreaded over-the-hill, out-of-luck, you-are-finished, no-chance implication. An aroma of mothballs and perpetual aunt.
All the Single Ladies (The New York Times)

Most of our troubles are due to our passionate desire for and attachment to things that we misapprehend as enduring entities.
Dalai Lama

Dance like a bottom, fuck like a top!
SnookeyBaby via Twitter

When people hate on you, it’s really because they’re intimidated.
Rev Run via Twitter

What’s the difference between an enemy and a friend? Timing.
Reese via Twitter

You don’t get to have everything. There’s always a price.

Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.
Bob Marley