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Talk About Sex – 109: Be Memorable



“People tell you to be yourself, but then when you go out they also tell you how…”

“…not to be yourself.”

What I love about this episode is how much what is not said is just as important as what is said (if not more):

Will McNair sits down to talk about sex on the best coast, black gay culture and life in the not so fast lane.

Editorial note: I say “I feel like…” a lot when I’m drunk.

Show notes & links:

NY state of mind

The random place Will lost his virginity

messages received as a child

porn as sex education

Mean Girls in junior high school

socially awkward vs. socially inept

Jared Shuler

Nathan Seven Scott

The & Show

Will’s “girly” Strengthfinder (lol)

meeting XD (search engine de-optimization)

dating in your 20s vs. dating in your 30s

“You’re not from NY are you?” (politeness)

“I’m a Disney princess inside.”

Prince Charming

Jesse Williams pic (colorism)

Mario Lopez: Saved by the Baby

being domestic and desiring the stereotypical nuclear family

Next magazine

My Masculinity, My Femininity, My Androgyny


Will’s one regret in life


Talk About Sex – 105: Superbowl Realness

2012 Year in Review


What an interesting year!

I really didn’t write as often as I wanted to in 2012. I attribute that to my (unsuccessful) attempt at securing a husband. But I did have some quality posts last year.

Surprisingly, Preferences, Pride and Prejudice (Part 1 of 2) became one of my most popular posts ever. I’ve held the follow-up to reflect on dating an API man for the last two years and re-examine my own bias. I think I’m ready to restart that conversation.

Trouble in Paradise was fun and probably my favorite. I still giggle at that nonsense. SMH.

As Richard pointed out, no one wanted to have the date rape/sexual assault conversation. Really disappointing actually. I got some really good (off the record) feedback on it though.

Love on Top was fun as well. We’re gonna have some more fun with audio this year.

Hawaii – definitely going back soon
Finally seeing Fiona Apple live (twice!)
Bill O’Reilly staring me down at the Anita Baker concert. Pure comedy.
Meeting Chris Crocker and Tim Ferriss, among others.
Attending Oprah’s Lifeclass and seeing her work her magic in person.

2012 Quotes of the Year
[Trent having a core meltdown]
He always wants to get fucked.
He always wants to get fucked.
Straight boys always want to get fucked! ::ugh::
[Me] You say it like it’s a bad thing!

Woke up to a miss call from my probation officer!! freaking out a lil.
Always did like my trade rough around the edges

No refractory period
Marry me Cory Koons

Still remember my ex’s Netflix password
Danielle really is #winning

What happened to monogamy?
When you find him, let me know Teejay

Twitter is where I come to see gays with questionable income sources wax condescendingly about the finer things in life. Good times.
the alex via Twitter

No homo but Beyonce so fine I’d suck Jay-Z’s dick just to taste her pussy.
I’m sure this makes sense to someone

There needs to be a Cancer survivor’s group and I’m NOT talking about the disease!

Wait, I’m assuming you only date women?
I date anyone who’s not a shithead.
(Bisexuality week coming soon)

The war on drugs didn’t fail, it successfully locked up a huge chunk of the black population in the United States.
Ferrari Sheppard via Twitter

I’m so glad I’m in my thirties.
Will McNair

Quotes of the Week – Ending 12.26.10

Are you bad with people and hate money? Consider grad school!
Rob Delaney via Twitter

My Dad’s all “how’s that job search going?” and I’m all “stop yelling at me” and he’s all “calm down” and I’m all “bye.”
White Girl Problems via Twitter

You continuing to date strong minded men and not expecting to submit is like me continuing to date Puerto Ricans and not expecting a few tempers along the way.

Anyone know how to get eggnog out of a leopard-skin Speedo?
Conan O’Brien via Twitter
(warm water and lemon juice…don’t ask)

Listerine is gay abortion.
TheXDExperience via Twitter

Got an email from Netflix saying I returned a personal DVD instead of the DVD I rented. I hope it wasn’t porn…that would be embarrassing!
Yes it would Will McNair

My Spanish isn’t great so I can’t be 100% certain but I’m pretty sure I was just offered sex in exchange for a cup of coffee.
Adventures in Puerto Rico with Mr. Jones

If Robyn doesn’t win a Grammy there is no fucking justice in this world.
Amen ralphfv

I’ve never seen the show but this dude is YUMMY!
commenter Howdy Doody Report: Simon Baker Strikes $30 Million Deal with Warner Bros. (omg)

Who the fuck masturbates in the doggy style position?!
Hershey reviews Black Swan

Is that a banana in that guy’s pocket or is he just happy to see me?
womp womp Simon Dexter

The cunts work for Target and the trade work for Walmart.
WhatsTheT via Twitter
(true story)

I can’t wait for the holidays to be over so I can finally stop sucking my gut in.
Jeremy via Twitter

Can’t wait for Christmas to be over so I can go back to being mean.
Mike Huntington via Twitter
(that too)

If you can’t take two chorizos in your culo at one time then I can’t love you.
Juven breaking my heart

Some dudes should just keep their clothes off because that’s the only time they’re cute.
Justin with a good point

What’s this about people in line for Jordans? I bet some of the same people that were in line for those Section 8 spots.
my money’s on Gary

You know sometimes I really hate my community(s) for how brainwashed they are…so programmed to fit stereotypes.
Wa2 via Twitter

The battle is perennial; yet each of us in our time must fight.
Cornel West via Twitter

When you’re honest and live authentically, you live a lonely existence.
Trent Jackson telling it like it is

It’s hard to hide my disgust, but I’m working on it.
Urban Prince via Twitter
(me too)

My heart never had a hero.
Kevin Simmons via Twitter
(mine neither)

Fine line between masochist and optimist.
Julian via Twitter

It’s hard waiting for something that might never happen, but it’s harder to give up when you know it’s everything you want.

Quotes of the Week – Ending 12.12.10

Pussy is the most powerful controlled substance on the face of the planet.
Trent Jackson via Twitter

If he doesn’t bother to take his boxers off, then you are a smut.
Mr. Jones via Twitter
(True Story)

I kinda like Miley Cyrus a little more, now that she gets high.
Urban Prince via Twitter
(me too)

So…what do they do with the wings after the Victoria Secret show?
Gary with a good question

Angry masturbation is still healthy masturbation.
Jeremy via Twitter

I have met my sexual match……..that is all.
Ryan Drake – news at 11.

New rule: Don’t say you’re not looking for anything on Grindr. If you’re not looking for anything, sign off and read a book.
Davey Wavey via Twitter

Sex is like 10x better when there is a strong emotional connection.
Wa2 via Twitter

My fingers smell like Chipotle. I want them inside me.
Will McNair via Twitter

Don’t expect much for Christmas. Santa’s sleigh was repossessed, the North Pole is in foreclosure and the elves have been laid off.
recession reality courtesy of Gabby

The Winklevoss twins from The Social Network were played by one actor?! Mind blown.
Gabe Bondoc late

Why are we asking the troops if they’re cool with repealing DADT? Do we ask if they like pushups or patrols? [The military is] the one place you can just order!
Bill Maher via Twitter

The institutions that shape our lives are all infected by the problem of racial inequality. There is no refuge, only submission or struggle.
Imani Perry via Twitter

U.S. government is broken.
Jessie Daniels stating the obvious

Whose side are the Republicans on and how do these people get elected? Wake up America!
Keith Boykin via Twitter

Love is or it ain’t. Thin love ain’t love at all.
Toni Morrison

Why should I have to go above and beyond when you won’t even go above?
TimeLineHuStLa via Twitter

He has no idea he’s pushing me away.
Daboisnick via Twitter

You never miss what you’ve walked away from.
Queer Kid of Color via Twitter

Quotes of the Week – Ending 11.21.10

Wesley Snipes get three years for taxes. Johannes Mehserle gets two years for first degree murder.
Ferrari Sheppard via Twitter

Just cuz it doesn’t smell, does not mean its clean.
Urban Prince via Twitter

The fact that a barber suggested I “rub some pussy on that shit!” to grow my hair is just…
Will McNair at the barber shop

Never trust someone that wears colored contacts, they’ve already lied to you!
XipherRevolver via Twitter

You’re my best friend and I love you to death, but fuck you. Just kidding, I love you. Just kidding, I hate you. Call me.
White Girl Problems via Twitter

Sometimes…two wrongs do make a right.
Queer Kid of Color via Twitter

Every bottom enjoys being choked out just a little bit.
okduh via Twitter

Headline from SOHH.com: “T.I. Calls Jail Experience ‘A Pain I Have Never Felt Before'”… Surely, they could’ve found a better title.
womp womp Marc Lamont Hill

It’s hard to ask for privacy when you want to be watched by millions of people on national television, on a reality program.
Brent Everett via Twitter

Pay attention to details!
Justin Walker via Twitter

When everything points towards NO with a person its good to just leave them alone.
Steven Bentham via Twitter

Everybody dies but not everybody lives.
Ahmier via Twitter

Most people don’t discover who they are until they’ve lost themselves.
wisdom from a security guard

It only feels like I’m living a dream cuz I’m so damn sleepy all of the time.
Jeremy via Twitter

If you ever think you can’t be a success in this world just remember that Brooke Hogan once had a #1 single.
Scrivs via Twitter

I hope I’ll always be the type of person that people will feel comfortable talking to me, no matter what. Communication is important.
Tyme White via Twitter

Here’s the problem with being ahead of your time: once everyone else catches up with you, you’re bored.
Fran Leibowitz

It’s all fun and games…until someone says “relationship”

You can’t force a man to love you with his heart by using your body to make him nut. It simply doesn’t work that way.
Xem VanAdams with a good point

When you find true friendship, you find true love.
Rev Run via Twitter

You have the power to create the life of your dreams. The only question is: Will you?
Davey Wavey via Twitter

I’m driving off a cliff just to fall in love with you.
birthday boy Kevin Simmmons

Quotes of the Week – Ending 6.6.10

You’re easier than jumping over a MTA turnstyle.

You’re only a whore if people know about it.
Urban Price via Twitter

After Sizzle, porn just doesn’t do it for me.
D0wJ0nEs via Twitter

I don’t have an ass, but I have a really deep throat!

The only time I wish my dick were smaller is when I’m on the toilet.
Wa2 via Twitter

I’m over Lauryn Hill at this point. And frankly, D’Angelo got one more year of me giving a damn.
nOva via Twitter

If you’re going to come for the queen, make sure you can behead her.
B. Scott via Twitter

Don’t bite the hand that photoshops you.
Duarte via Twitter

That mango I just ate HIT THE SPOT! I ain’t had to floss like this since that superhead competition last year!
Will McNair via Twitter

It’s never too early to get cussed out…
Jasmyne Cannick via Twitter

(White airport security guard) We have the same last name, maybe we’re related.
It’s much more likely your ancestors owned mine.
(He seemed upset after that. I have to work on my small talk.)
Marc Lamont Hill via Twitter

I would quit Facebook but where else am I going to talk to people from high school I never liked?
Scott Stratten via Twitter

Okay, I’m new to Twilight. Bella is torn between Taylor Lautner and scruffy whatshisname? Haha. This is a joke right?
Rod McCullom via Twitter

Ok, I’m going home now.
(upset) Why?!
(pointing) Cause he just told me he would swallow my cum and now he’s on his knees singing Lady Antebellum Need You Now, I think it’s time to go!

Blind faith can lead you to fall off many a cliff.
Cornel West via Twitter

Sorry doesn’t count. They’re white!
commenter Kitty Kartrashian (Ranity’s tumblr)

Fleet Week + Sex and the City 2 premiere? I don’t even want to know what NYC smells like tonight.
Karsh via Twitter

My dick is like riding Kingda Ka at Great adventures: Long and fast!
Michael Anthony Miles via blogtv

I do have a theory. Everyone that you meet or make eye contact with in your lifetime, you’ll see them again before you die.
Trent Jackson – 1,000
(I believe that too!)

Sometimes I figure out what I want by realizing what I don’t.
Tyme White via Twitter

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.
TrinniFlava via Twitter

Fear is born of lack of understanding, the need to control and the absence of love.
iAmShade via Twitter

There’s no better feeling than the one you get when you know in your heart beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’re over it…
Adam Benjamin Irby via Twitter