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Quotes of the Week – Love in a Hopeless Place

Girl bye

I’m verse.
::hysterical laughter::
I’m verse!
Gay Tops & Bottoms (AconnectionTV)

My boy had a girlfriend just like this who couldn’t take dick. Now he’s fuckin a MAN that can.
commenter Winston08 – girlfriend can’t handle deep black dick (NSFW)

Brazen Hussy.
commenter BlueberriesForMe – This is the Canada’s Bobsledding Team (JoeMyGod)

All that money and no rhinoplasty? He’s straight.
commenter Rad – Is 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick Dating Gay Circuit DJ Luis Perez? (Queerty)

Don’t put “non-scene” in your profile like EVERYONE didn’t see you getting fingered on the dancefloor over the weekend.
Drunk Grindr

I am sad. I have no life without Youtube. I’ll just take more Xanax.
commenter Dylan Murphy – Best Breakup Ever

Jesus Christ, who is that hairy mustache stud in the first picture. Can the show be all about him in a steam room? Or maybe a porn spinoff?
commenter Bravo – A Closer Look at Looking

“You feel controlled by the world when you’re poor,” she said. “That was simply no longer the case.”
What Happens When the Poor Receive a Stipend? (NY Times)

If you’re attractive, aggressive and a GREAT liar; you can get anything you want.
Ryan Drake with a good point

Google won’t break into your home. You’ll invite them in.
The Nest-Google privacy statement (Marco.org)

Some people are only in relationships for the pictures.
Xem VanAdams

The revolution will be fetishized.
CharlesPulliam via Twitter

Quotes of the Week: Spring Break(down)


But when people feel the freedom to create Tumblr accounts about my cock, I feel like that wasn’t part of the deal…
Jon Hamm wishes people would stop talking about his penis (Rickey.org)

Politeness has become so rare in this day and time that some people mistake it for flirtation.
Xem VanAdams via Twitter

I used to be a thug two minutes ago.
Mom to the Rescue! | Too Cute! (Animal Planet)

I think I’m gonna buy a fitted. There’s a homo thug inside of me somewhere.
Darian Aaron ready to try something new

I’ve got tickets to her Manchester show. God help me if this is what I’ve paid for.
commenter ItsAshleyJohn – Watch: Rihanna Struggles With ‘We Found Love’ On ‘Diamonds World Tour’ (That Grape Juice)

Having a child at 15 was the most psychologically traumatic experience of my life. That aspect never gets discussed.
commenter Danielle Woods – New York City Tries to Shame Its Teens Into Not Having Babies (Colorlines)

The problem was that I lost all those pounds, but I didn’t have to change a thing about my self. I didn’t have to address any of the emotional or psychological issues. I didn’t have to figure out why I had been depressed – why I was still so, so depressed, despite the fact that the one thing I thought had been ruining my life was suddenly gone.
Jen Larsen, Refinery29 – What Losing 180 Pounds Really Does to Your Body & Your Mind

Red is for marriage, purple is for stoping suicides; what color is immigration, poverty, school to prison pipeline, anti trans violence?
Erik via Twitter

I think about all the queer people of color, and the trans and genderqueer people, who are being told in no uncertain terms: your rights mean less than ours. Your alienation means less than our visibility. We’ll come back for you later. Wait your turn.
Why I almost defriended everyone who had an HRC logo as their profile photo this week

Pointing out the movement’s blindspots doesn’t weaken us. It strengthens us. To be critical with the intent to better is an act of love.
Janet Mock via Twitter

Scary to see how many people are anti-racist/anti-rape until a white guy goes to jail. Then it’s: “I hope he’s raped by his BLACK cellmate.”
Cord Jefferson dealing with Stubenville aftershocks

I don’t like walking around feeling like I’m being treated like a nigger.
Video Exclusive: David Floyd on Why He Sued NYPD (Colorlines)

If you’re Black you have to work two or three times harder to get ahead. Your leadership skill set will be resented–by both Blacks and Whites.
Rod McCullom speaking the truth

There’s no such thing as neutral people, who you associate with either moves you closer or further away from your goals.
Michael Baisden via Twitter

The “Julie and Kevin” episode aired shortly after the Los Angeles riots. For black viewers, the spat wasn’t about a thrown candlestick but a resonating truth: Whites can remain clueless about the struggles of black or brown people and still fruitfully exist in America. But as people of color, we need to fully understand whiteness in order to function and thrive; it’s lesson No. 1 of being a minority in America.
Clay Cane – Race and ‘The Real World’ (The Root)

From time to time we need to pause our lives and think about what is working and what needs to be changed. Else we will never heal or grow.
Kevin Powell via Twitter

Quotes of the Week: This Just Can’t Be Summer Love


If y’all don’t hear from me it’s because I died after seeing.
Gary loses another friend to Black Twitter coonery

Who’s been watching Project Runway and can explain why this Asian man’s hair is so nappy????
Pepper Ann has questions

I’m a hoe on Twitter and Twitter only!
Me too Houston Freak!

Legitimate Rape is trending….Not cool bro… What did Kobe do this time?

No caffeine, just meth.
Kate Walsh: breakfast of champions

After the Olympics ends I’m going to have to find a whole new set of teenagers to jerk off to.
The first week was terrible Michael Ian Black

I don’t see why the last day of the Olympics shouldn’t be all the gold medalists playing dodgeball till we have an ultimate champion.
Frankie Boyle via Twitter

What’s the difference between an Olympic event and sex? In sex, having the fastest time won’t win you a medal.
A friendly reminder from Dr. Ruth

Police are killing Black children with impunity and a girls hair is trending on Twitter.
Occupy the Hood sick of y’all talking smack about Gabby Douglas

Give me “Magic Mike: The Wood” edition. I would drop money on Omar Epps, Taye Diggs and Richard T. Jones #justsaying
Jeremy via Twitter

“Madea’s Black Magic Mike,” coming 2013
Cord Jefferson via Twitter (ask and ye shall receive!)

Ridiculously fun weekend at Disneyland. Cannot BELIEVE I’d never done the Tiki Room before. Would be better with lap dancers, tho.
Amy Brenneman is my kind of girl

I’m only stripping to put myself through therapy.
Megan Amram via Twitter

(Hysterically yelling) Anthony you’re not allowed to date a 19-year old. I already have four friends dating teenagers, I can’t take any more!

Anderson Cooper’s a Vanderbilt. He didn’t come out of the closet, he came out of an antique armoire made from rare Southeast Asian agarwood.
Adam Carl via Twitter

On a serious note though, who the HELL would still go to Eddie Long’s church?! He steals money, molests kids… And those damn hair pieces!!
Marc. Lamont Hill has questions too

“Protecting the sanctity of marriage” sounds an awful lot like “Keeping the races pure.”
Johnny Polygon via Twitter

I just had to tell my coworker that I can hear her telephone convo re: her vaginal itch and that if I can hear it, then others can, too. SMH
Just another day at the office for Mr. Jones

Koochie Kardashian was able to build a mini empire, birth a brand & popularized the barrel curl. What has your koochie done for you lately?
Roberts_Rules via Twitter

Certain people thought they were ‘so cool’ in middle school & now they’re here at the grocery store pushing carts for dollar tips. Exactly.
Xem Van Adams reminding everyone it’s a marathon not a sprint

Good dick is easy to find. Finding good, healthy dick is the difficult thing.
Wes via Twitter (the struggle continues)

Sidenote: Ricki Lake better bring back that doorbell on her new show.
Karsh via Twitter (Cosign!)

NYC weather to its residents today: fuck your hair. fuck your armpits. fuck your butt crack. i’m fuckin up all your shit today #mwahahaha
baratunde via Twitter (brutal summer)

Sometimes, you don’t know who you live next to. And sometimes, who you’re even married to.
Terry McMillan would know!

Quotes of the Week – Ending 11.28.10

If I can see your pubes in your default pic, then your mom did a poor job raising you.
Mr. Jones via Twitter
(or your father did a good job pimping you?)

Dear skinny boys,
your abs don’t count!
YoBoiPat via Twitter

As if the TSA couldn’t get any creepier, today they announced they’re changing their name to Uncle TSA.
Conan O’Brien via Twitter

It turns out there’s no good way to nonchalantly walk down a workplace corridor with an erection.
Sam Krysiak via Twitter
(true story)

Catching up on tabloids on my vacation – Tony Parker, a Frenchman and a NBA player, cheated on his wife – who could see that coming?
Bill Maher via Twitter

Alicia Keys wants other celebs to boycott Twitter for a day. Why couldn’t she boycott other people’s husbands?
TrentGrapeJuice via Twitter

Black Friday: the day when everything is project cheap. Coincidence or racial?
Affion Crockett via Twitter
(perhaps both?)

Remember when The Black Eyed Peas were a serious hip hop group? Now they’re sampling Dirty Dancing & wearing neon.
Patrik-Ian Polk via Twitter

Wow, both of them were amazing. Finally [WorldStarHipHop]: BBoy. Real hip hop with a little Asian kid and a White guy.
commenter Guest – Dance Clip Of The Week: 8-Year-Old Vs Grown Man In A Dance Off!

Sucking a man’s dick from the back will keep him a week longer than he wants to be there.
Ryan Drake via Twitter
(true story if you’re doing it right!)

A great marriage isn’t when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It’s when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.
Jaimee Paige

I couldn’t imagine having to sign online and rummage through my social networks in search of dates & friendship. It must be sad.
Xem VanAdams via Twitter

To deal with the funk is to deal with the wounds, scars, and bruises, but not allowing it to have the last word.
Cornel West via Twitter

While everyone was busy thinking outside the box, I quitely snuck back into it.
Simon Dexter via Twitter

No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow.
Alice Walker

Don’t worry about those who have turned their backs on you. When they think they’ve made it they will see they still need your back to lean on.
Monica via Twitter

In order for you to lead the orchestra, you must first turn your back to the audience.
Queer Kid of Color via Twitter

Relationship Fact: The one who loves the least, controls the relationship.
Spectacular Smith via Twitter

You will never fall in love while trying to be careful.
The Quote Doctor via Twitter

Quotes of the Week – Ending 11.21.10

Wesley Snipes get three years for taxes. Johannes Mehserle gets two years for first degree murder.
Ferrari Sheppard via Twitter

Just cuz it doesn’t smell, does not mean its clean.
Urban Prince via Twitter

The fact that a barber suggested I “rub some pussy on that shit!” to grow my hair is just…
Will McNair at the barber shop

Never trust someone that wears colored contacts, they’ve already lied to you!
XipherRevolver via Twitter

You’re my best friend and I love you to death, but fuck you. Just kidding, I love you. Just kidding, I hate you. Call me.
White Girl Problems via Twitter

Sometimes…two wrongs do make a right.
Queer Kid of Color via Twitter

Every bottom enjoys being choked out just a little bit.
okduh via Twitter

Headline from SOHH.com: “T.I. Calls Jail Experience ‘A Pain I Have Never Felt Before'”… Surely, they could’ve found a better title.
womp womp Marc Lamont Hill

It’s hard to ask for privacy when you want to be watched by millions of people on national television, on a reality program.
Brent Everett via Twitter

Pay attention to details!
Justin Walker via Twitter

When everything points towards NO with a person its good to just leave them alone.
Steven Bentham via Twitter

Everybody dies but not everybody lives.
Ahmier via Twitter

Most people don’t discover who they are until they’ve lost themselves.
wisdom from a security guard

It only feels like I’m living a dream cuz I’m so damn sleepy all of the time.
Jeremy via Twitter

If you ever think you can’t be a success in this world just remember that Brooke Hogan once had a #1 single.
Scrivs via Twitter

I hope I’ll always be the type of person that people will feel comfortable talking to me, no matter what. Communication is important.
Tyme White via Twitter

Here’s the problem with being ahead of your time: once everyone else catches up with you, you’re bored.
Fran Leibowitz

It’s all fun and games…until someone says “relationship”

You can’t force a man to love you with his heart by using your body to make him nut. It simply doesn’t work that way.
Xem VanAdams with a good point

When you find true friendship, you find true love.
Rev Run via Twitter

You have the power to create the life of your dreams. The only question is: Will you?
Davey Wavey via Twitter

I’m driving off a cliff just to fall in love with you.
birthday boy Kevin Simmmons

Quotes of the Week – Ending 11.14.10

Dick changes people.
D0wJ0nEs via Twitter

Joe Jackson looks like Fat Cat from Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers.
Karsh via Twitter

I’m kind of scared of how I know every single line of The Golden Girls.
ralphfv via Twitter

We still categorize music by race?…wow
Urban Prince via Twitter

How does one pronounce “Sbarro”?
gabebondoc with a good question

Do these kids do anything other than sing and f*ck?
Patrik-Ian Polk new to Glee

What’s the gayest thing you’ve ever done?
My boyfriend.
womp womp Davey Wavey

Voting for politicians who were born wealthy because you “like their morals” is what has been fucking America into the ground.
Mike Rundle via Twitter

Four Loko is like the new HIV/AIDS or crack: put into minority communities to kill people off…and you dumb asses are falling for it.
blacksocialite via Twitter

Not to minimize bullying, but every black child has been bullied for centuries in this country thru racism. Why no attention to that?
Dr. David Hampton with a good point

Hip hop has become a primary means by which we talk about race in the United States.
Tricia Rose via Twitter
(which is not good imo)

Just because someone has a Ph.D. does not mean they speak truth to power, nor does that mean a commitment to those who suffer.
Vernon Mitchell Jr. via Twitter

tell us how you really feel Ryan Drake

Sometimes I wish I could forget all self value and just be a ho.
Daboisnick via Twitter

I don’t have Ex’s. I have Y’s. Y the hell did I do that?
Kingnoah3000 via Twitter

What you object to reflects what you value.
Jessie Daniels via Twitter

Learning to exercise patience and discipline. Sometimes being still for a moment can prevent major mistakes.
Marc Lamont Hill via Twitter

We don’t live in a society where it is okay to be yourself and have others be happy with it. Live your truth, and f*ck the opinions of others.
Derrick L. Briggs via Twitter

People spend too much time worrying about what other people think of them. Just live. Just be great. Your beauty will shine thru.
Stephanie Alva via Twitter

You have to recognize and acknowledge your wounds before you can begin to heal them.
Terry McMillan via Twitter

I love men who can make me laugh. You won’t meet too many. Believe me!
Xem VanAdams via Twitter

You know you really love someone when you don’t hate them for breaking your heart.
Jaimee via Twitter

Love forces you to deal with the funk. This is why many of us are afraid of love.
Cornel West via Twitter

Quotes of the Week – Ending 11.7.10

Hell is a bed with less than six pillows.
White Girl Problems via Twitter

You [guys] been acting like bitches all year… be a man for Halloween!
overheard by Spoken Reasons

Bright colors are for children and whores.
Bam Bam Rubble via Twitter

My love ain’t cheap.
Simon Dexter via Twitter

[Men] are like cellphones…after a year or two I upgrade.
D0wJ0nEs via Twitter

Dudes come out the woodworks during the cold weather months (a.k.a. “need-a-boo-season”) trying to holla…where was your ass all summer?
Bry’Nt via Twitter

If you can’t go from pussy-to-mouth, ass-to-mouth, or penis-to-mouth then you shouldn’t be going there in the first place.
Ryan Drake via Twitter

I don’t believe in turning anyone out. I am just the catalyst to relinquish their inhibitions.
Trent Jackson via Twitter

I got the Angry Birds thing.
don’t do it Amy!

What kind of horse is the “horse-power” system based off of?
Betsy Dorsett with a good question

Headed to a thing on Avenue B. I live on the West Side. Do I need my passport? Or shots?
Peter Shankman via Twitter

For Colored Girls is way beyond Tyler Perry’s reach of talent, it would be like Rihanna trying to sing And I Am Telling You.
Clay Cane via Twitter

Spades is like co-signing on a loan. Don’t take this shit personal. But know you’re taking a risk. Your name is on the line.
luvvieig via Twitter

Americans threw out corporate Dems, only to vote in uber corporate GOP. We need a public better educated in analyzing capitalism…
Pamela Scully via Twitter

Judging by the election I have to ask: Does it really get better, or do we actually mean, “you’ll have to move”?
John Amaechi via Twitter

Teaching good research skills is important, but first students need to develop an understanding of the world — something that not all college students had the luxury of learning in high school.
Globalization 101 (Inside Higher Ed)

How can you understand people if you don’t meet each other?
Cuban Prima Ballerina Alicia Alonso

Either you’re playing dumb, or its not act.
Queer Kid of Color via Twitter

Haters are like fucked up bangs: You can’t comb them hoes out, you just gotta start all the way over.
Rotten via Twitter

Sometimes we want what we’re not prepared to handle.
Jamel via Twitter

To be 100% honest, all I really desire in my life right now is stability and a peace of mind. I’ve got nothing else to prove.
Xem VanAdams via Twitter

It’s not about who you’ve known the longest. It’s about who has never left your side.
SwaggajukuKen via Twitter

Quotes of the Week – Ending 10.10.10

If another mofo says “It’s chilly out there” to me, I just might scream. Folks, check your calendars. It’s October.
Mr. Jones pointing out the obvious

Never do anything you wouldn’t want to explain to the paramedics.
Dashaun Wesley via Twitter

Oh shit I just found a new way to talk behind people’s back on the internet: just put it on Myspace! Nobody is ever on there. I just put on Myspace “I ate Nicki Minaj’s pussy backstage at the awards” just to see if anyone was listening. *crickets*
lil duval via Twitter

Lil Zane is making a comeback? Don’t you have to be somewhere first to come back from?
Karsh via Twitter
(I liked Lil Zane!)

Insomnia is back. I aint fuckin enough.
Marlon Wayans via Twitter

My son just asked me if bigger gay dudes always smash the little gay dudes. I told him I wasn’t going there.
Jimi Sweet via Twitter

As far as these tops with all these demands, wishes, wants, commands or thinking they’re a hot commodity, please tell them they’re so 1998.
Ranity via Twitter

I will never understand the point of stitching thousands of diamonds on underwear. My penis is its own treasure. No jewels on my boxer-briefs.
Xem VanAdams via Twitter

Its always the spectators…
JuztDevious via Twitter

Be polite to all, but intimate with few.
Thomas Jefferson

I keep forgetting that just because you don’t fit my standards doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.
ralphfv via Twitter

I don’t hate you. I nothing you.
Queer Kid of Color via Twitter

Quotes of the Week – Ending 8.1.10

Lesbians are so dramatic.
Queer Kid of Color via Twitter

Why do I feel like Terrell Owens and Chad Ococinco had sex before? Why do I feel like T.O. was the top?
Reggie via Twitter

Nick Cannon is somewhere laughing at Christina Milan.
BrunoMarti via Twitter

If you start referring to first dates as ‘suicide missions’ you will generally be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.
Jack Mackenroth via Twitter

When people say they’re looking for friends what they really mean is “I’m looking for friends, but if you sexy I’ll probably fuck you too.”
Blueyedsimba via Twitter

Sex is an art form. It’s not about being a power bottom or top, it’s about learning what your [partner] likes and delivering it like a pro.
Random Phantom via Twitter

(catching up with an old friend)
Do you have a boyfriend now?
When was the last time you had one?
Officially? Never.
…so just dates?
Nah, just anticlimactic blowjobs.
Any from Chinese guys?
I wanna rape my roomie’s cousin, he has a nice ass.
Is he gay?
Who cares?!

A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week.
George S. Patton

My body is a temple and not everyone can worship there.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
Marianne Williamson

Let’s not deodorize the dialogue on race, let’s allow some funk to come to the surface.
Cornet West via Twitter

Our insistence on being ironic, cute, or lazy when talking about race makes it much harder to engage with the very serious ways in which race figures into our lives. We’re wasting time, column space, and precious bandwidth. And, unfortunately, the post-racial idea is an excuse for many who are disingenuous, or worse, to ignore these facts and argue there’s no more racism to address. For them, post-racialism is merely a cudgel used to quiet those who insist that America deliver on its promise of equality for all its citizens.
Burying “Post-Racial” (The American Prospect)

I get annoyed when people ask for my opinion then get mad when I tell it like it is.
luvcee via Twitter

If you don’t care why should I?
Trent Jackson via Twitter

Trying to repair what’s already been broken by poor choices and selfishness, yet I’m supposed to be understanding?
Crystal Ward via Twitter

Some of the most attractive guys come with some of the ugliest baggage.
Xem VanAdams via Twitter

Some people bless your life by coming into it and some people bless your life by leaving it.
Devious Aga via Twitter

Give everything you do everything you’ve got. The result isn’t the point.
Terry McMillan via Twitter

New York City is definitely not a “love” city, but it’s a great city to be in love.
Jared Shuler via Twitter

Quotes of the Week – Ending 7.18.10

Watching Mel Gibson in What Women Want. I don’t know, something about it just feels different now.
Bill Maher via Twitter

This woman has a very elaborate cold sore on her lip. I wonder who her pimp is.
Urban Prince via Twitter

I had a dream Destinys Child got back together. I was as happy as a nympho at an orgy!
SmurfSex via Twitter

The people that believe that QDoba is better than Chipotle are the same people that think OJ didn’t do it.
TheXDExperience via Twitter

Listening to FleshTone was like taking a bad ecstasy pill.
Karsh via Twitter
(Oh c’mon, it isn’t THAT bad! #TeamKelis)

Lmao….I just read in my timeline someone called The Dream “Teddy Graham.”
Trent Jackson via Twitter

I don’t think I’m difficult to date, I just don’t tolerate bullshit.
Daboisnick via Twitter

Black music is an artistic response to the psychic wounds and social scars of a despised people.
Cornel West via Twitter

If you watch a horror movie backwards it’s about a white couple that makes increasingly multicultural friends over the course of the film.
Scrivs via Twitter

Yeah, he got undressed and put on some Neo Soul.
(visibly upset) What?! WTF?! You don’t put on Maxwell and Jill Scott when you’re fucking a jump off. You put that shit on when you’re fucking your husband!

The YMCA has officially shortened it’s name to “The Y”. You know times are tough when letters are getting laid off.
Conan O’Brien via Twitter

Pretty people tend to bore me. I need to follow more ugly people with low self esteem who use comedy as a copping mechanism.
D0wJ0nEs via Twitter
(Get it?! It’s funny because…oh nevermind.)

Lowkey I would go to the Rihanna concert if somebody paid for my flight, hotel, concert ticket and an iPad to keep me entertained while I’m there.
WhatsTheT via Twitter

“Not standard police procedure”?
That’s Texas.
Those are Black men.
Those are White cops.
That’s about as “standard” as it gets down there.
commenter CitizenIndie: Police Brutality Video: Shocking Texas Incident Caught On Tape (Huffington Post)

There’s nothing that can’t be achieved through supreme sacrifice, dedication & focus. It’s NOT easy, but it’s sure as hell worth it.
Xem VanAdams via Twitter

Whatever you think, believe it!
Christina Milian via Twitter

You never know who’s using you until they get what they want and leave.
ilikejoaquin via Twitter

Sometimes in life you Etch-a Sketch a bitch and act like they never existed.
The Skorpion via Twitter

Things will be what they will be. Things revealed aren’t always new. Sometimes your eyes and time just change and code it as new.
soulforce84 via Twitter

In reality your friends can be your biggest enemy and your haters/enemies your biggest motivation.
JLyricSmith via Twitter

Life is like Toy Story 3, sometimes people just want to be played with.
Derrick L. Briggs via Twitter

Just because you’re passionate about something doesn’t mean you need to be there.
Queer Kid of Color via Twitter

At the end of the day, if you know something is bad for you and you continue to use it or do it, you can’t blame anyone but yourself!
JuztDevious via Twitter

Sometimes it’s a good idea to re-examine a situation and manage your expectations.
Patrik-Ian Polk via Twitter